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10 Dieting and Weightloss Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

10 Dieting and Weightloss Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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There are many options available for people who desire to lose weight. Amongst these options is dieting. While many people may not like dieting, it works. However, dieting only works when it is done right. Many people unknowingly sabotage their effort to lose weight by certain actions. If all your dieting effort proofs abortive, you might be guilty of one or more of the mistakes below:

Rewarding Yourself after workout

Quite a number of people are guilty of giving themselves a treat after a workout. Doing that, most of the times, tend to cancel out the benefits of the efforts invested in the workout. Punishment could be a better incentive for exercise that reward based system.

Doing the same routine always

You can’t repeat the same thing and expect different results, says Albert Einstein. This applies to workout as well. To make the most of your exercise plan, vary the intensity, time and frequency of your workouts.

Ignoring Weightlifting

Most people, especially women, are usually tempted to stick to cardio alone. However, to get the most out of your workout program, strength training is needed as well. This will keep your metabolism up and burn fat like magic.

Succumbing to Workout Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the most common excuse people give for not exercising. On the contrary, exercise energizes you. Ignore the tiredness and take a walk for about 10 mins. You might end up going longer.

Drinking fruit Juice or Sport Drinks

Most fruit juices are made with artificial ingredients mixed with water and made to taste like fruit. Fruit juice might not be the best thing on the food list of anyone keen about dieting. This is because all the nutritional values you get with original fruit has been removed from fruit juice. The high proportion of sugar in most fruit juice also makes it ineffective for dieting. The sweet taste of fruit juice also increases the tendency to over-drink fruit juice. If you are serious about your dieting effort, go for original fruits instead of fruit juice or sports drinks.

Every day weighing

You don’t expect your weight loss to be magical, do you? Thus, expecting to see changes every day via measurement is just absurd. Everyday weighing has the tendency to increase your frustration level. Instead of hopping on the scale every morning, make it a weekly thing. The result will be motivating instead.

Not Snacking

I know what you are thinking – that Snacking is bad. However, selective snacking could help drop the pounds. Research revealed that people who consume several small meals a day are less likely to get hungry and overeat. Thus, snacking, especially with protein-rich ones, is a good way to keep your metabolism firing on all cylinders.

Ditching Breakfast

While avoiding a meal could be tempting as a way to drop fat, the repercussion could be negative. You might be hungry for the rest of the day leading to bad food and snack choices for lunch and dinner. A breakfast high in fiber and protein would likely reduce hunger all through the day.

Setting Unrealistic Goals

Desiring to lose 25 pounds in your very first week is just being unreasonable. Such unrealistic goal tends to lead to frustration even when you are making great progress in your dieting effort.  

Over-relying on Weight Loss Supplements

There is no doubt that weight loss supplements work for losing weight. In fact, the different categories of weight loss supplements offer different kinds of benefits for people that desire a quick weight loss fix. However, depending majorly on weight loss supplements without complementing it with workout and dieting could be the perfect recipe for failure!


Being conscious of the above will go a long way in guiding you against failure in your weight loss journey.

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