10 Most Common Reasons for Vehicle Accidents

10 Most Common Reasons for Vehicle Accidents


Something just hit the rear part of your car. When you look behind, you saw another car bumped into your own red convertible. You feel so frustrated, confused, and angry. How could this happen?

Car accidents are one of the most common mishaps happening daily on the road. It may be mild or severe, but you could not ignore the fact that something was damaged or someone was injured. Car accidents are considered inevitable. In fact, in recent a survey like in Vermont, car accidents are becoming more common.

Reasons why car accidents happen

Experts have gathered reasons as to why car accidents happen. Knowing these, at the very least, can help minimize the case.


Some drivers enjoy the feel of blood rushing through their veins as they speedily drive in their automobiles. Over speeding is of the most common reasons of car accidents, especially at night when drivers think that the road is too quiet to follow the rules. When the car moves faster, it is harder to pull off the brake, and it creates bigger and deadlier impact when it crashes with another object.


We all understand that roads have to undergo development in order to provide drivers and commuters with a better transportation system. However, in the event of road construction, the management and workers should see to it that enough road signs should be properly placed in the work zone. Improper coning off of these areas could lead to a car accident.


Drunk driving has been a serious problem in every part of the world, included the US as shown by the current drunk driving statistics, 2 out of 3 people are drinking while driving. Because of this, more than 20 people die due to drunk driving. The driver is not only digging his own grave by doing this, but he is also putting other innocent people’s lives at risk.


Nothing is perfect. Even with the advent of technology, cars with defects still, do exist. Few car models have malfunctioned parts which can cause car accidents. One case of that is the sudden unintended acceleration– a case wherein drivers have no control over the engine due to some defects in its gears.


Texting while driving is one of the most reckless things a driver could do. Distracted driving leads to recklessness, which eventually leads to road accidents. As what is shown in the latest cell phone driving statistics, reckless and distracted driving kill at least nine people a day. Right now, laws are made to prohibit drivers from texting or calling when behind the wheels.


Road curves should not be taken lightly. This kind of road is considered to be the dead man’s curve. Many get into an accident because they lose control of their engines. When driving in this area, it is best to slow down to avoid accidents.


At times, the weather can become really mean, giving people a difficult condition for drives. Heavy rains can cause zero visibility, or it can make roads slippery. When these things occur, the road is sure a challenging route to take. Slowing down is the best way to be safe in this situation.


Sleep, surely, is tempting to most drivers, especially when driving at night. However, closing those eyes could be the end of the road, too. So, staying wide awake when driving is very crucial. It is advisable to have a company to talk with when driving to avoid drowsiness. Or if it is really hard to keep driving, then might as well put the car to a rest stop and have a quick nap.


We all know that red means stop. So if the light is red, you need to step on the brake. However, many people think that they could still make it. Following traffic lights and signs is just a matter of discipline. We should learn to stop when it is necessary.


Haste makes waste. Overtaking could lead to car accidents. Unsafe lane change is considered as one of the common causes of accidents, especially in a busy city where traffic is heavy. Most drivers would want to reach their destinations as fast as they could. However, being patient in this case will keep you safe from those crashes.

There are various reasons why road accidents happen. It could be because of human mistake, engine defects, or bad weather conditions. Whatever the case is, it is always important to instill self-discipline– an attitude that will stop you from doing something reckless, crazy, or irresponsible.


Author bio: The article on drunk driving statistics and cell phone driving statistics has been written by Ignacio D. Pena who is a very active blogger and loves to write in the legal niche.

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