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13 Amazing Ways to Keep Your Weight under Control Without Spending Big Bucks

13 Amazing Ways to Keep Your Weight under Control Without Spending Big Bucks

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Whether you are trying to squeeze into that new pair of jeans or fill out the perfect dress that shows off your curves; it is important to remember that your weight is not just a number.

It is numerical information that can let you know how active you are about your normal eating habits.

Maintaining your healthy weight is important. It can improve your quality of life, boost your self-confidence, and lower your risk of medical complications.

And the complications can include Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, or even cancer. To reduce your chances of experiencing these issues, there is a way to check and see if you have a healthy weight.

By measuring your BMI (or body mass index), you can check and see if you are near your healthy weight. There are also many calculators online that can help you find out your specific BMI.

Here are 13 easy ways to keep your weight under control.

Eat a healthy diet

With all the information out there on healthy eating, you can see that there are a lot of contradictions.

However according to Patrick J. Skerrett, MA and Walter C. Willett, MD, with “healthful unsaturated fats, whole grains, good protein ‘packages,” and fruits and vegetables; limiting consumption of trans and saturated fats, highly refined grains, and sugary beverages” is best.

Research has shown that a diet based on these standards will lead to a healthy life from youth through adulthood. Watching what you eat will help you either maintain or lose weight depending on your goals.

2. Don’t ever miss your breakfast

There are many studies supporting the claim that a healthy breakfast promotes a healthy weight. When a person skips breakfast, they are more likely to consume empty calories in the evening, therefore, causing weight gain.

It has also been stated that “Chronic stress was related to evening eating choices and overall empty calories in the diet of breakfast skippers, whereas breakfast eaters’ dietary intake did not appear to be affected by chronic stress.”

Therefore, eating a good breakfast encourages you to be healthier and make better diet choices throughout your day.

3. Eat foods rich in fiber

Fiber is the part of your food that is not broken down during digestion.

Fiber keeps your digestive system working in good order by preventing constipation. This encourages healthy weight by clearing a pathway for healthy food to easily pass through your system.

According to the FDA “It slows the digestion of carbohydrates and can help stabilize blood sugar if you have diabetes.” Including fiber in your diet not only regulates your system but also helps reduce the risk of heart disease; which is a side effect of obesity.

4.  Do a regular exercise

Regular exercise can help encourage healthy body weight.

It is encouraged by the CDC that you have a minimum of 2 hours and thirty minutes a week of full body exercise. You can increase the length and intensity of your workouts depending on your need to control your weight.

5.  Keep control on your calories

Counting calories can help you monitor what you put into your body and calculate how much you need to burn to lose weight.

The CDC states that it takes “approximately 3,500 calories below your calorie needs to lose a pound of body fat.”  To maintain your weight, balance out the caloric intake of your food with the physical activity you do to burn those extra calories.

6.  Don’t sit for a longer time

If you have a desk job, you may suffer from sedentariness.

According to the PubMed “Sedentary behavior include sitting during commuting, in the workplace and the domestic environment.”

Unfortunately, this can lead to weight gain and obesity due to the low energy levels used in these activities. Some tips to reverse these effects are to get up and walk around at work, eat lunch away from your desk, take the stairs instead of the elevator and drink lots of water.

7. Keep calm and avoid stress

There is a relationship between chronic stress and obesity.

While stress eating may be the main culprit, it is not impossible to manage. Instead of reaching for the chips, choose a healthier option instead.
For example, carrots and celery stick with your choice of hummus.

Another way to avoid stress eating is to take some time out of your day and just take some time for you. Do something you enjoy whether it be reading a book or walking your dog.

8. Read the food labels before buying

Before buying your groceries, take a look at what is on your packaged goods.

Below the Nutrition Facts label, you can see serving sizes, calories per serving, and the types of nutrients.

The FDA suggests you look for products with “calcium, dietary fiber, potassium, vitamin A, and vitamin C.”

Avoid products with saturated fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Being picky about products can also help encourage you not to overspend when shopping for groceries.

9. Restrict outside eating

Despite the hype about how fast food is getting healthier, it still is not a healthy food alternative.

The problem lies in the fact that serving sizes are not often taken into account when ordering a meal. One burger could be half of your total caloric intake and only provide a quarter of the necessary nutrients your body needs to function.

This will leave you hungry and want to waste even more money to replace the empty calories. To prevent unhealthy weight gain restrict yourself from eating at fast food restaurants.

10. Make friends and be social

What is the difference between the socialite and the shut in? The socialite tends to be more active than the shut-in.

Go to the park with friends, volunteer at your local animal shelter,  go to a friends party. The goal here is just to get moving. Activities burn calories so why not have fun while doing it.

11. Control your food portions

First, understand that a portion is how much you decide to serve yourself.

Figuring out how to portion your food properly starts with analyzing the serving size. Counting calories and measuring out food may be tedious but it provides a more accurate account of your daily intake.

This also reduces the speed that you go through your groceries causing you to save more money.

12. Check your weight periodically 

To monitor your progress, you are going to have to step on the scale.

It doesn’t matter if it is cheap just as long as it is functional. Weigh yourself at least once a week to track the changes in your weight. This will motivate you to stay with it and see what changes need to be made to reach your healthy weight.

13. Consistency is important

Sticking to your goals requires discipline and self-motivation.

It is up to you to work hard to achieve your ideal weight. Push yourself.

Download a free app that monitors your caloric intake and physical activity. Use the reminders on your phone to motivate you. You have the tools you need to achieve your goals.

Conclusion and advice

Your body is constantly changing. However, it is up to you to decide if you want to mold it to fit your ideals.

Being healthy is a choice we make every day. It can be a struggle to stick with it. Fortunately, you do not need expensive equipment or exotic diet routines.

All you need is knowledge, motivation, and self-discipline to create a healthier body for yourself.

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