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20 Reasons Why I Call Myself an “Anti-Vaxxer!”

20 Reasons Why I Call Myself an “Anti-Vaxxer!”

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20 Fast Facts About Vaccines — by T. Matthew Phillips, Esq.

1. Under American law, it is legally impossible to design a defective vaccine.

2. In 2011, the Supreme Court declared that all vaccines are unavoidably unsafe.

3. Vaccine ingredients kill human gut microbes that regulate the immune system.

4. No vaccine comes with an immunization guarantee.

5. No vaccine is ever safety-tested in combination with other vaccines.

6. There are no vaccine safety studies that compare vaccinated versus non-vaccinated persons.

7. When vaccines fail to provide immunization, medical science is never able to explain why.

8. When vaccines kill or injure, medical science is never able to explain why.

9. Vaccine injured persons cannot sue vaccine makers; no other American industry enjoys immunity from liability for selling unsafe products – that are known to kill and injure.

10. Over the past ten years, the number of American children who died from the MMR vaccine far outpaces the number who died from measles, mumps and Rubella combined.

11. The MMR vaccine is not given to infants, (i.e., newborn through 12 months), because it is considered unsafe.

12. The MMR vaccine comes in only one “size,” (i.e., volume of liquid in the syringe); children receive the same dosage as adults.

13. Persons vaccinated for measles can nevertheless develop a full-blown case of measles as a result of the vaccination.

14. Persons vaccinated for measles can nevertheless develop a full-blown case of measles as a result of contact with persons infected with the measles virus.

15. Persons vaccinated for measles can “shed” the measles virus and infect others for approx. 28 days after vaccination; those recently vaccinated for measles must be quarantined for 28 days!

16. Measles is now a disease of vaccinated persons; modernly, in all measles outbreaks, (including Disneyland 2015), the majority of those afflicted were already vaccinated for measles.

17. Once a person has had a full-blown case of “wild” measles, (i.e., from naturally occurring viral strains), he or she naturally acquires lifetime immunity to the measles virus.

18. Once a person has had a full-blown case of “laboratory” measles, (i.e., from viral strains attenuated in vitro), he or she does NOT acquire lifetime immunity to the measles virus.

19. Persons inoculated with “laboratory” measles remain forever susceptible to “wild” measles (and other “laboratory” strains).

20. All booster shots are a hoax – you can’t “boost” immunity; it is either achieved or it isn’t.

~~TMP. (Aug. 19, 2016)

T. Matthew Phillips is an entertainment attorney and part-time particle physicist from Hollywood, Calif., who advocates the abolition of vaccines, GMOs, chemtrails, and science. Phillips is now suing the State of California to halt SB 277, California’s mandatory vaccination law for schoolchildren.
[More Info: http://www.revoltrevokerestore.com/ ]

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