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3 Natural Ways to Grow a Healthier Beard

3 Natural Ways to Grow a Healthier Beard

Facial hair is a personal look you might be considering. But be wise about your decision because researchers state that your facial appearance affects more than just your love life. It could be the reason why you’re hired or promoted – and if you get a ticket, your facial appearance influences what sentence the judge gives you in court.

But when it comes to romantic attraction, researchers found that most heterosexual people find the opposite sex with extreme sexual characteristics of their gender the most attractive (e.g. the most feminine- or masculine-looking). Facial hair is a masculine characteristic, and researchers found that it can drastically change the vibe you’re giving off and your level of attraction:

Grow a full beard if you want to look super manly. Female participants rated full beards as most masculine and aggressive.
Female participants also associated full beards with making you look wiser, more socially mature, but also older. You’ll look older, but in a sage-like way!
Grow a light beard if you want to take on the “alpha male” look. Female participants thought light beards looked the most dominant.

Drum roll please! Here’s what you probably want to know – the type of facial hair women find the most attractive. You might be surprised – it’s a light stubble! Female participants said light stubbles were the most attractive and preferred them for both short-term flings and long-term serious relationships.

But you have your own reasons for wanting to grow facial hair, and it might not be something as superficial as mere attractiveness. For example, you might be a professor who’s trying to be taken more seriously by colleagues and students – a full beard is probably your best choice. Whatever the reason, here are some natural tips to help you grow healthy facial hair:

1. Boost Your Protein Intake

Hair is primarily made up of protein – specifically, keratin. Your body makes keratin from amino acids, some of which you can only get from eating protein. The healthiest, clean proteins come from vegetables, like beans, nuts, seeds, and soy. But the next healthiest protein sources are antioxidant-rich mushrooms and hard-boiled eggs.

You can also opt for vegetable-based protein powders if you want to get concentrated clean protein without eating a ton of nuts.

2. Remember to Exercise, Meditate, or Practice Yoga Daily

If you’re stressed at work or home, it can impact your hair growth. Researchers found that your body’s response to stress affects your hair follicles and can inhibit or slow hair growth. Exercising helps alleviate stress. Yoga and meditation are even better stress-relieving activities. In fact, researchers found that practicing yoga induces a state that counteracts your body’s flight-or-fight stress response.

But if you find yoga, meditation, and routine exercises boring, you can try these exciting winter-friendly sports:

Parkour or freerunning is what you see in almost every action movie. You dash between buildings – literally! It’s an official sport with ancient roots in Africa. Participants perform acrobatics on stairways, walls, and anything urban-related. Freerunners backflip off a bridge to land safely on a mat, vault across a maze of guardrails, and do other excitement-packed stunts that you’ve probably already bought a movie ticket to see!

Skiing and snowboarding give you an adrenaline rush that’s unique to most sports. While you’re speeding down a snowy hill surrounded by evergreens, all your work and home troubles get left behind.

3D dodgeball is the extreme version of your gym class’s dodgeball. Here you’re bouncing up and down on a trampoline while trying to hit your opponents with dodgeballs while also avoiding being hit!

3. Keep Your Hair-Nourishing Nutrient Levels Up

According to the Nutritional Guide, not getting enough vitamin A dries out your hair. They also say that your hair follicles need vitamins C and E for healthy hair growth. Getting your daily biotin, which is vitamin B7, is regarded by Harvard as a major factor in your hair strength and texture.

You can get all of these nutrients and more by eating a kale and spinach salad sprinkled with almonds and sunflower seeds – which together cost less than $3!

If you’re looking to change your facial appearance by growing facial hair to look more attractive, seem wiser, look more in control, or some other personal reason, try these natural tips first. Don’t resort to pharmaceuticals or products that promise a quick solution – these are often loaded with toxins that tax your liver and increase your risk for cancer and other diseases. The natural route gives you gradual results, but is healthiest for your body.

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