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3 Supplements You Need For A 7 Day Detox

3 Supplements You Need For A 7 Day Detox

Many natural health practitioners recommend a 7 day detox every 6 months. There are multiple health (and spiritual) benefits to doing so, in this article you’ll discover 3 unusual supplements that are definitely worth taking to help the detox process along.

7 days allows the body to purge many of the toxins that have built up in the body and cannot be effectively excreted whilst digestion is taking place. The body must focus on waste removal, not digestion which is where the power of detox comes in, because toxins and wastes that are normally trapped in the body (causing damage) can finally be released and disposed of.

This is why many people feel so bad during a detox. It’s simply the sheer amount of toxins leaving the body through the bloodstream. Many people have described the detox symptoms as being similar to a severe hangover. In fact a similar thing is happening during both with the lover removing toxins from your bloodstream at a much larger amount than normal. Don’t worry though, the worse you feel during detox, the more toxins are being removed and the more good the detox will do you.

Animals in the wild will typically go through periods of fasting naturally, and it has been shown to lengthen lifespan. Cell turnover rate slows, so instead of producing new cells, the body finds time to clean and repair current cells with helps longevity.

In one way of thinking, illness can be thought of as a ‘forced contraction.’ Your body is forcing you to take time out to recover and slow down. Unfortunately, being ill is often inconvenient, not to mention not being very nice. During a detox, you are the one who is forcing your body to slow down and detox. Those who practice a 7 day detox every 6 months often report they rarely get ill anymore.

Here are 3 unusual substances that you may want to try using during a detox.

Bentonite clay

Bentonite clay is perfect for any kind of fasting detox. Firstly it is highly electrically charged meaning it is the perfect compound to travel throughout the body picking up and attaching to toxins that can then be much more easily disposed of. Because of this, bentonite clay is often used by those wanting to detox from THC because the clay actively bonds to the THC-COOH molecule making it more easy to remove from the body.

Bentonite clay actively seeks out positively charged ions, which are often compounds like heavy metals. Once bonded to them the body can much more easily dispose of the toxin. Also, the particles of bentonite clay are actually very small. They can travel around the body, reaching parts where larger molecules couldn’t go and finding hidden toxins to bind to.

The other advantage of the clay is that it is, in and of itself, full of natural minerals that are good for the body. Using bentonite clay during a detox will help to speed of the process of detoxification.

Psyllium husk

During any period of detox, where you don’t consume any food, you will no doubt feel hungry. One way to overcome this is to consume psyllium husk that provides fibrous bulk that will make you feel full and satiated.

However, psyllium husk isn’t just for overcoming hunger pangs. The fibre has a very particular use that is perfect for detox. Typically our modern diets lack enough fruits and vegetables where we would normally get most of our fiber from. Instead we tend to eat stodgy foods that get trapped in the digestive tract and line the walls of the colon. Not only does this make it harder to extract the nutrients and minerals that we need from our food, but it makes it harder to excrete waste products through the wall of the colon. This is all very bad for our health.

The answer is to use a fibrous mass to sweep through the walls of the colon, cleaning them of the debris that has built up over time. Psyllium husk is perfect for this, especially when you are on a detox and digestion has ceased. Now is the perfect time to use the bulking psyllium husk that sweep though the GI tract.

Crucially, the psyllium husk provides no sustenance for the body, hence it won’t and can’t be digested. It’s important that the entire digestive system is given a break, so absolutely no food is consumed during this time.


Our modern foods contain a large amount of preservatives, pesticides and herbicides that we would have never naturally consumed. Unfortunately, although this allows us to have access to more and cheaper foods, it’s not very good for our gut bacteria.

The importance of gut bacteria for overall health is becoming more and more apparent over the last decade. With links to mental health being one particular area of interest. The point is that having healthy bacteria is crucially important for health and during a detox is the perfect time to restore our bacterial balance.

In fact, our body actually has more bacterial cells than cells of our own body, so it’s important to have the right bacteria.

Using a probiotic during the detox period is important to help healthy bacteria. You can buy probiotic capsules from any health store. The other option is to drink healthy fermented drink like Kombucha or kefir. But during a detox, it’s better to stick to simple probiotic capsules.

Bentonite clay, psyllium husks and probiotic capsules are three important components of making the most of the detox period, so make sure you include them in your detox kit every 6 months.

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Updated: March 28, 2016 — 5:00 pm

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