5 Best Strategies for Issuing E-Commerce Coupons

5 Best Strategies for Issuing E-Commerce Coupons

Coupons have been around for a long time, and over the past few years, online coupons have come into vogue. Nowadays, customers even expect you to give away coupons in some cases. And it’s no wonder that customers love them, as everyone loves feeling like you they away with a great deal. This, in turn, does wonderful things for your business, giving customers the confidence in repeating their patronage with your company. So, what’s the best way you can incorporate coupons into your overall business strategy? These are the best methods for giving out e-commerce coupons.


Get Them to Come Back

The repeat customer method is tried-and-true, a carryover from brick-and-mortar stores. By starting up a rewards program, you incentivize customers into coming back to your store while giving them something to work toward, and when they’ve finally met the quota, they’re rewarded for their loyalty. Who doesn’t like to feel rewarded for their loyalty?


Reward Large Purchases With a Discount or Gift

As well as rewarding customers for making multiple purchases with your business, you can also use coupons as a way to have them checking out their cart with more than they originally intended. Offer a percentage off if they, for example, spend $100 with your business. Or, instead of offering a discount, you could experiment with offering a coupon to another item in your store such as nordstrom deals.This is perfect if there’s some stock you’ve been looking to get rid of.


Offer Vouchers in Exchange for Signups

If your business has an email list – and if it doesn’t, it should – offer your customers a reward for signing up. While this method has long been a clever marketing technique, with the recent resurgence in email newsletters, it’s become quite commonplace. Not many people these days expect to sign up for a newsletter for free; they expect to get something for it. A less common twist on this technique is to give out small discount code coupons to those who follow your social media. This will make your customers glad that they follow your accounts.


Hold a Contest

This next tip involves giving out your coupons for free. While that may sound crazy to you, that’s how it appears to the customer, though in return for their participation, you have the possiblity to gain a lot more customers. In holding a content, you get your customers to tweet a branded hashtag, share a photo related to your business, or something similar, with the best entries or a random drawing getting a great coupon. This is an ingenious advertising strategy because it gets your customers to do the marketing for you.


Allow Referrals

Rather than having your customers advertise your business through social media contents, you could instead have them reaching out to friends with referral codes. By offering freebies or discounted products to both your original customers and the new customers you pick up through referrals, you have the potential to satisfy those original customers while simultaneously building your customer base. Although starting up a referral code may lose you profit in the short term, it can have a great effect on your long-term growth. It’s a marketing method that brands like Uber used to become huge. Natural, word-of-mouth advertising with huge baked-in social proof, as customers are more likely to trust their close ones over your business’s traditional advertising methods.

You should always be careful when making use of e-commerce coupons. After all, you’re discounting your products, or in some cases, even giving them away. This can get out of hand quickly if you don’t keep a close eye and adjust accordingly. However, if used correctly, coupons can bring in great, repeat customers who draw positive associations for your brand.

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