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5 Innovative Community Designs for Building a Greener Society

5 Innovative Community Designs for Building a Greener Society


Many communities are concerned about creating environmentally friendly programs and reducing pollution and waste. Here are some innovations that can be used to make your community greener.

Install Rooftop Gardens

Rooftop lawns and gardens reduce the amount of run-off from precipitation. Plant life acts as a natural filter of water and can absorb rainfall, returning it to the atmosphere through transpiration. This protects buildings and other structures from flooding damage and prevents soil erosion. Plants also trap airborne pollutants and absorb carbon dioxide and sunlight, which cools temperatures and reduces energy costs.

Incorporate Water Collection Units

A challenge that many cities face is having limited access to potable water. Buildings and concrete surfaces do not allow for water infiltration, resulting in increased run-off away from the city. One way to save rainfall is to install collection units. Innovations such as rooftop gardens and water collection units require knowledge on the technology and infrastructure required to build, install, and maintain them. Investigate ways to develop your own systems, or find someone to help you out.

Utilize Alternative Energy

Solar, thermal, and wind energy can provide communities with power that produces significantly less pollution. Alternative energy can be converted to electrical energy using conversion technologies. Installing and maintaining these energy systems requires a specialized degree and training. For example, many schools offer online engineering master’s degree programs that specialize in power and energy systems. Graduates of this program will have the skills needed to design and implement alternative energy systems in their community.

Buy Products Locally

When consumers choose to buy products locally, it reduces pollution and supports the local economy. Purchasing food from other regions requires the transport of that food, resulting in increased emissions as well as an increase in the amount of waste produced through packaging. Community leaders can create groups or organizations that support local farmers and businesses to increase awareness of local products.

Design Programs that Reduce and Reuse Waste

Reducing and reusing are two of the biggest changes that can be made to reduce the amount of pollution and waste produced. Reducing involves being conscious about what you buy. Many people buy items that are not needed or necessary and some products are designed for single use, which can dramatically increase the amount of waste that is produced. Also, many items can be reused by someone else instead of throwing them away. Communities can encourage this by offering donation sites where residents can drop off unwanted items.

To make a positive impact in your community, consider these strategies and collaborate with your local leaders and community members to make successful changes. The National Resource Defense Council website offers additional information creating greener homes and communities.



Author bio: Savannah Coulsen is a freelance writer who lives in Raleigh. She loves to read and write and she hopes to write a novel someday. Savannah also loves learning and is a self-proclaimedhealth guru. Savannah writes on behalf of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, which offers online engineering master’s degree programs that help create a greener society.

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