6 Proven Ways Vacations Help You Reduce Stress

6 Proven Ways Vacations Help You Reduce Stress

Stress affects everyone now and then; job issues, health concerns and mortgages are just a few examples of where and how this negative emotion begins. To maintain good physical and mental health, it is important to take a vacation now and then. It’s more than just a good time; research shows it’s actually good for your health and can help you reduce stress.

#1 How vacations lower stress

One plus factor in taking time off from your routine is sunshine. Sunshine is effective in improving one’s mood, wards off depression, improves one’s sex life and helps with sleeping. In addition, sunshine gives our skin a healthy glow, provides nutrients that have a positive effect on our lives and helps our bodies recover from jet lag more quickly.

#2 What about fresh air and play time?

Most of us spend a lot of time indoors; class schedules or demanding work are just two examples of why we stay indoors. However, fresh air cleans our lungs and gives us additional energy to do things we want or need to do.

In addition, most of us take little time to enjoy ourselves. Vacations; however, provide an opportunity to let go, enjoy free time and enjoy spending time on the beach or engaging in some fun shopping or exploring.

#3 Creativity can be fun!

When you take time just for you, you don’t have to stay with your normal schedule. Vacation is a time to change your schedule, go to bed later, sleep later and enjoy your meal times when you want to. You have the opportunity to plan activities that you enjoy; activities that you’ve wanted to do all year long.

#4 Getting away means freedom and a change from routine

For many, getting away means freedom from the drab and ordinary hours of 9 to 5, work at the office and freedom from the old alarm clock and online duties. Being free of routine also means no stressful routine to adhere to. A vacation should include things you enjoy doing such as hiking, swimming, touring interesting locations, trying a new restaurant or just relaxing with a good book.

#5 • Most importantly, some doctors feel that when we don’t get away from it all, we could be putting our health in danger.

Free time adds many positive things to your life such as reducing anxiety levels and providing an opportunity to enjoy life in restful and enjoyable environments.

#6  One of the most productive things getting away can do for you and me is give us the opportunity to appreciate life as it is—without the hardship and anxiety of routine, daily life.

Anxiety affects everyone now and then. To maintain good physical and mental health, it is important to take time just for you now and then, and a vacation could be just what the doctor ordered to reduce stress in your life.


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