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7 Habits That Will Energize You In The Morning

7 Habits That Will Energize You In The Morning

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If you are a night owl, always find yourself struggling in the morning and think where all your energy goes then you seriously need to change your lifestyle. No, I won’t recommend you to go to gym and lift all those heavy dumbbells. Instead, I will tell you some nice methods which won’t scare you and you will also love doing them.

Read before Bedtime

Whatever you do before bedtime affects your brain during sleep. If you watch a crime show or movie before bedtime, your subconscious mind will process that information during  sleep. If you are unable to control your urge to watch T.V before sleeping then you can replace your this habit with reading books. These books could be novel, self-help, fiction or whatever genre you like.

Drink 1 Glass of Water after Getting up In the Morning

Drinking 1 glass of water immediately after waking up in the morning will keep your body hydrated. Dehydration causes fatigue and laziness, so kick away this by drinking a big glass of water. If you could drink 1 glass warm lemon water then it will help you even more. You can check out incredible benefits of drinking lemon water on an empty stomach its benefits.

Skip Alcohol/Smoking before Bedtime

Many people drink to sleep fast. This method works but is ineffective because you don’t get restful sleep and in the morning when you wake up, you won’t find yourself energized. That’s why it is advisable to avoid smoking and drinking wine at least 4 hours before sleep. In fact, if you drink too much last night then chances are that you would wake up with a headache.

Get Some Sunshine

People say “rise and shine” for a reason. When you are exposed to natural sunlight you don’t feel sleepy. In artificial sunlight our body screams to get  sleep, but this is not the case with sunlight. Let some sun rays come in your room and you will automatically feel refreshed as your internal clock will be awaken completely after getting a dose of sunlight.

Listen Your Favourite Music Aloud

When we listen our favourite album or song, our brain releases dopamine which is an organic chemical which functions play important role in sleep, mood, memory, behaviour, learning and attention. You can play your songs on speaker once you are fully awake. This will keep you energized while you are having your breakfast or getting ready for the day. Sometimes, a good morning keeps you happy throughout the day that’s why listening to your favourite song in the morning will cheer you up instantly. On the other hand if you read newspaper (which are full of crimes and gossip) then you are certainly going to feel irritated throughout the day.

Warm-up & Meditation

Some poses of Yoga and little meditation will give you enough fuel to survive the day. Doing yoga and meditation will just take 15-20 minutes of your morning, but hey, it is a good habit and comes with tremendous health benefits.

Choose your Breakfast wisely

Most people don’t skip breakfast which is a good habit; however, they are also not doing justice to their body by crunching packaged foods, unsaturated fats, foods with lots of magnesium and potassium.

This kind of breakfast will make you sluggish, get you extra flab around your waist and put all your other positive efforts into vain. That’s why choose your breakfast wisely. Anything that is rich in fibre and protein is good to consume in the breakfast.

These tips will make your mornings less painful and you will start feeling happier and energized once you stick to your routine. Reading this article is a waste for your time if you don’t take any action. So, start developing good habits and slowly you will be on right track.

Author – Jane is a health blogger and mommy of 2 cute children. She writes for her blog and suggests people what are the best beds to buy.


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