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7 Ways Amethyst Gemstone Can Improve Your Health

7 Ways Amethyst Gemstone Can Improve Your Health

Amethyst is the rarest form of quarts, and is close to being the most popular form of quartz. It is a hard gem and has six sides, and may also be found within geodes around the entire world. Generally, it is available in crystal form or as a mass. Purple, lilac, and lavender in color, amethyst is associated with royalty. This stone has been used to treat a variety of conditions through the ages, from sleep disorders, pain, alcohol addiction, and mental dysfunction. Data has yet to show that the crystal actually decreases the symptoms associated with these issues, but newer data shows that amethyst can be a compound that is helpful in detoxification.

Choosing to use the amethyst in any of the ways listed below will not yield a negative result. The best thing you can do for your body is to treat it well and give it things that will help to heal it through a natural choice.

Cell Regeneration

Healthy cell growth and regeneration is supported by far-infrared radiation. Studies have shown that increasing this infrared radiation can correspond with an increased energy level in the body. The increase of energy is then designed to encourage the growth of healthy cells, possibly even aiding in whole body growth. Presently, most of the experiments that prove these findings have been done on animals, but the results do indicate similar results may occur in humans.

Blood Flow

The far-infrared radiation has also been shown to improve circulation, mainly in the tiny capillaries inside of the skin. For some time, scientist thought that this circulation benefit was linked to the infrared heat, but recently that thought was debunked. It was not the heat that aided in circulation, but the radiation that contributed to good circulation.

Sleep Aid

Also in the studies done on animals and some humans, the far-infrared regulation could lead to modulating sleep patterns. Amethyst crystals emit a low level of heat, and this can provide a sense of tranquility to the body, maybe even aiding in a healthier sleep cycle.

Bacteria Fighter

The far-infrared radiation from this precious gemstone can help to inhibit bacterial growth, through the act of hindering the action of specific growth-promoting enzymes.


By now everyone knows that certain foods provide load of antioxidants, but the far-infrared radiation from amethyst encourages antioxidant activity in the body too. This is one way to receive the benefits from antioxidants without having to actually consume them.

Mood Support

One recent study placed far-infrared radiation discs under the pillows of sleeping subjects. These subjects reported a statistically significant increase in the overall satisfaction of their life, as compared to those who received a placebo disc under their pillow.

Wound Support

This goes in hand with the circulation support—the far-infrared radiation also can promote repair mechanisms in the skin, namely in those with diabetes related skin damage. Reconstructive surgeries and skin damage related to acute and chronic conditions can benefit from the healing properties of amethyst.



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