8 Tips for Greener Travel

8 Tips for Greener Travel

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Travel is one of life’s greatest pleasures. It provides compelling, fulfilling experiences and even some excellent health benefits.

However, travel without a care for the environment these days is not a good thing. The transportation industry accounts for some of the heaviest emissions in the world, and other aspects of travel can seriously harm the world.

It’s vital for travelers to take a responsible approach to their vacations. Here are some tips for how to do that.

Commune with Nature

The best way to start doing responsible travel is to change your attitude, and that happens when you recognize the greatness of nature. Before your go somewhere exotic, spend some time in the great outdoors near your home.

Recognize the impact that humans and their built environment have had on the broader ecosystem. Think about ways you can leave only natural footprints when you travel.

Then, when you travel, spend some time in natural settings as well. Book excursions that will let you appreciate the beautiful untouched world, no matter where you go.

For example, a zip-lining trip can be a hugely inspirational experience. Soaring above the trees and landscape may make you want to do everything you can to preserve them.

Pack Lightly

Once you’ve felt that connection between yourself and nature, prepare a more responsible trip. The first step is to pack lightly. The more weight planes, trains, buses, and cars have to carry, the more fuel they’ll burn and emissions they cause. Try to fit everything into one bag instead of two, and leave the really heavy stuff at home.

Reduce Technology Use

Start by reducing your stagnant electricity usage at home. Most people don’t realize that leaving their computers, televisions, and appliances plugged into outlets actually wastes electricity, even though you’re not using them.

Before you leave, turn off all the lights, unplug your electronics, and turn down (or up) the thermostat. You don’t need to heat or cool an empty room.

Be careful of your technology consumption during travel as well. Just because you don’t have to pay for electricity consumption in the hotel doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be mindful of your consumption. Unplug the electronics and get outside where you can enjoy your real vacation.

Increase Your Education

Did you know that a single American uses an average of 167 disposable water bottles a year, but recycles only 38? In addition, the average resident uses more than 10 kWh of electricity per day.

These numbers add up quickly, and most of us don’t realize how much of an impact we’re really having on the environment. Study up on responsible travel. Learn how much of an impact you’re really having before you head out.

This will help you to be more mindful in your travels and make decisions that will have a reduced impact on the natural world as well as the economy.

Choose Eco-Friendly Transportation

Transportation is one of the largest contributors to emissions around the world. No matter what form of transportation you select, you’ll be creating effluents, but some modes of travel are better for reducing pollution than others. Here are some of the top alternatives:

Nonstop flights
Walking or biking around your destination spot
Hybrid rental vehicles
Green trains

Support the Local Tourist Economy

Pay attention to where your money is going. You can help the local economy and sustainable initiatives in the region by making purchases from local vendors. Rather than hitting up fast food chains and department stores, support local businesses.

Stay in a Green Hotel

A hotel is considered green if it offers amenities and services that conserve energy and focus on lowering environmental impact. Green hotels wash towels and bedding less frequently, use alternative forms of energy to power their buildings, utilize recycled materials for construction, install energy-saving light bulbs and other features, and engage in similar consumption-saving tactics. Do some research on local hotels before booking your reservation.

Understand the Culture

It’s not polite to visit a foreign country and expect the customs to be the same as yours. Investigate how people greet one another before you go, what could offend them, and any other practices that could have a harmful effect on respectful relations.

Treat others as considerately as you would wish to be treated and avoid ignorant acts that make you an irresponsible traveler.

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