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Air Pollution And Heart Disease

Air Pollution And Heart Disease

All of us live in a very toxic environment, which includes over a million tons of pesticides sprayed every year, all around us. And there doesn’t seem any stopping of pollution anytime soon. So, what does that mean for your heart? Every city or town you go to or live in, is full of air pollution. We’ve known for decades that air pollution continues to worsen with no improvement in sight. no matter how much we fight it. And this much pollution is bound to damage human life, especially your heart and lungs.

Is there any surprise Heart Disease is the #1 killer here? Guess what’s second? Lung Disease! One could assume two different organs, your heart and lungs, couldn’t have the same contributing cause, right? But they do, and it’s pollution!

What Can You Do About Ending Air Pollution? Nothing!

What can you do though is start cleaning out the toxic pollution inside your heart, so you can live long enough to see all your grandchildren grow up. First, you must write down a plan to attack the pollution inside your heart right now. Second, start your plan immediately after you write it down. Lastly, consistently clean out the decades of pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, pollutants, allergens, toxins, mercury, radiation and anything else your heart has accumulated throughout your life.

Remember, your heart is a muscle, a very powerful muscle in fact, which means it can weaken over time when you do not clean it out. Yes, I’m talking about a truly healthy “heart cleanse”. Whatever you do, don’t go to the web and start typing in “heart cleanse”, because you’ll end up with thousands of links that will lead you to more drugs or pills that will just add more toxic accumulation to your heart.

To Clean Out Your Heart, You Must Cleanse Consistently Daily! And Don’t Stop Until Your Heart Is As Strong As A Horse!

If you wonder how long it will take to feel your heart pumping stronger, I can tell you that on average only a few days after you start. But no matter how long it takes, as long as you continue to cleanse your heart daily, your heart will continue to strengthen. And you never need to worry about side-effects or interactions with any treatments you are doing.

I know it’s been a long road, trying treatment after treatment and still can’t strengthen your heart the way your heart needs to be strengthened. This is the missing link to repairing your damaged heart and finally strengthening it starting today!





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