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Alkaline Eating: How To Test and Improve Your pH Levels

Alkaline Eating: How To Test and Improve Your pH Levels

Some foods alkalize your body while others increase acidity. Your pH levels are determined by the type of foods you consume. An acidic body has a weak immune system and is prone to disease while an alkalized body is healthy.

So what is pH level? pH is an abbreviation for potential hydrogen. High pH levels mean your body is alkaline, while low pH levels mean it’s acidic. pH ranges from 0 to 14, 7 being neutral. Anything above 7.0 is alkaline, and anything below 7.0 is acidic.

Low (acidic) pH levels are associated with higher risk of type 2 diabetes, obesity, cancer, and heart disease. High (alkaline) pH level, on the other hand, has been linked to lower risk of stroke and hypertension.

Research also shows that eating acidic foods can lower bone density. And studies show that alkaline diets improve bone density. One study found that alkaline water can reduce bone resorption and lower parathyroid hormone levels (they regulate the release of calcium from bones).

How to go alkaline

Most people unknowingly consume foods that make their bodies acidic. Realize that pH levels change from time to time. These changes are mostly triggered by the foods you eat and stress level.

Here are a few dietary changes you can make to boost your body’s pH levels.

Increase intake of fruits and veggies

Most fruits and veggies are alkaline. But excessive intake of pomegranate, pineapples, and raspberries can increase acidity. All veggies are safe, but pickled ones should be consumed in moderation.

Avoid using condiments

Mayonnaise, miso, mustard, ketchup and other condiments are highly acidic. You should also avoid canned foods, including veggies.

Ban bread

Avoid bread and all bread-containing foods. Brain and most grains are acidic. Here are the grains you should consume, navy, lima and soy beans, cumin, sesame seeds, and fennel.

Reduce intake of dairy, alcohol, and coffee

These three will lower your pH levels. Minimize their intake or avoid them completely.

Avoid artificial sweeteners

Sugar and sugar alternatives like honey, beet sugar, and xylitol are acidic. Note that stevia is alkaline.

How to test your pH levels

You can test your pH levels using pH test strips. To get one, go to Amazon and search pH test strips. The best time to test is early in the morning, before breakfast. Saliva and urine pH levels should match. Your urine pH levels should range from 6.5 to 7.5

If they are lower than that increase intake of alkaline foods. Make sure at least 70 percent of your diet is alkaline.

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