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Amazing Things That Will Happen When You Drink Carrot Juice Every Morning

Amazing Things That Will Happen When You Drink Carrot Juice Every Morning

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Carrots are one of the world’s most popular and nutritious vegetable. And they can be consumed raw, cooked, in juice form. Drinking carrot juice is the best option since you’ll get more nutrients. It takes 4 or 5 carrots to make one glass of carrot juice – that’s better than eating 1 or 2 carrots a day.

Here are the amazing things that will happen if you drink carrot juice every morning.

Get enough antioxidants

Carrots have antioxidants called carotenoids. And they’re known to lower risk of chronic diseases and regular illnesses. They also protect the body from bacteria, inflammation, and viruses.

Protect eye health

This is the most popular benefit of carrots. They’re rich in vitamin A and other nutrients which improve eye health and prevent loss of vision. Research shows carrots reduce the risk of macular-degeneration and cataracts.

In fact, one cup of carrot juice will give you 4 times the amount of vitamin A you need in a day.

Lower risk of stroke and heart disease

Studies show that carrot juice increases the body’s defense against cardiovascular disease and improve heart health by reducing oxidative stress. Research also shows they help regulate cholesterol levels.

Prevent cancer

The antioxidants in carrots lower risk of different types of cancer including breast and ovarian cancer, according to research. The fact that carrot juice reduces oxidative stress and inflammation also helps fight cancer.

Boost skin health

Carrots have high beta-carotene content which helps fight skin inflections and heal wounds faster, research shows.

Detoxify the liver

Carrot juice helps the body get rid of toxins in the system. This reduces the risk of diseases and makes it easier to burn excess fat.

Aids blood clotting

Carrot juice contains vitamin K which aids blood clotting. It’ll prevent loss of blood in case of a cut.

Improve bone health

The vitamin K in carrot juice improves absorption of calcium, which consequently improves bone health.

Protect brain health

Research shows, carrot juice, has the ability to lower oxidative stress in the brain, this lowers risk of Alzheimer’s, dementia and other brain-related conditions.


How to make carrot juice

Wash and chop the carrots into small pieces.

Toss them in a blender and add a small amount of water.

Feel free to add healing herbs like turmeric, ginger or cinnamon.

Blend on medium until the ingredients are pulverized.

Use a nut milk bag to squeeze out the juice out and enjoy.

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