Did you know your Mental Health Depends on your Confidence?

Did you know your Mental Health Depends on your Confidence?

Your mental health can be linked to your confidence, if you have low confidence chances are your mental health is more than likely lower than it should be.

The opposite is also very likely; if you have mental health issues such as depression your confidence will be lower than it should be.

How do you stop this cycle?

What can you do to improve both your mental health and your confidence?

There are several things you can do without spending a lot of money to help improve both your mental health and confidence.

You can find further reading on mental health and confidence here.

Tips for balancing your mental health and confidence

Here are some tips that you do not have to spend a fortune on that will help you balance your mental health and confidence. No special equipment is needed.

Eat a well-balanced diet. Eating fresh fruit and vegetables provides your body with fiber and many nutrients. The vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients in a well-balanced diet will also aid in better mental health. It can help you sleep better, physically move better, and over all help the body fight off stress and sickness. Stay away from junk and processed foods.

Get the proper sleep both in the amount of sleep and the kind of sleep you get. You need a good mattress and pillow for proper sleep. It should help support the spine and keep things aligned during sleep. The average person requires 7 to 9 hours of sleep a night and studies have shown that you cannot catch up on sleep. That means you can’t go for 4 or 5 nights of 4 hours sleep then sleep 12 hours for two or three nights and catch up on all that sleep you lost. Another study has shown that early risers wake up in a better mood than people who habitually sleep in

Exercise has been proven to help the mind and spirit as well as the body. Regular exercise even 10 minutes a day can help the body move better, sleep better, and those in turn help your mental health and confidence. When you lose weight from exercise it is a boost to your confidence which in turn is a boost to your mental health. Are you seeing the connection here? The things we eat and do in our daily lives when we are awake affect not only the body but the mind and our confidences as well.

Avoid drugs and quit smoking, both of these things will not only harm your body but your immune system and mind as well. You are more likely to become chronically ill, have an accident, have hallucination or even over dose if you use street drugs.

Limit alcohol intake; one to two a day is more than enough. Alcohol can cause issues with your liver, immune system, high blood pressure as well as impair driving and other abilities if you drink heavily. On the other hand a scientific study has shown that a glass of wine a day helps with your health.

Learn to meditate to help relieve stress. Exercise and meditation are great stress relievers. They can help keep you centered. Stress can cause health issues, wrinkles, and depression so learn your signs and meditate and exercise to keep it under control.

Live within your budget, financial stress can also cause health issues, depression, stress and more.

Positive thinking; yes it sounds hokey but it is true. Positive thinking can boost your mood as well as your confidence. Positive thinking attracts positive effects, while negativity attracts negative effects.

You can find other tips for a balance of mental health and confidence here.

What are some of the life stressors that can affect your mental health and confidence?

There are certain stressors in life that can affect your mental health and confidence, and unfortunately, some of them can’t be changed.

Death in the family or a terminal sickness diagnosis.
Loss of a job.
Break up of a relationship.
Losing your home.
Being charged with a crime.

Sometimes even happy events can cause undue stress such as that of a birth of a child; this can be especially true if your income may not support a baby.

These life changes are all stressors but how you handle them will help in how much they affect your mental health and confidence. The more positive ways you handle them, the less stress you will have.

Yes, somethings are hard to have a positive outlook on such as a diagnosis of terminal illness. Having been there I can assure it is not easy but if you can look at it as a time to spend with the person you are going to lose, time to say things that need to be said as well as good bye you can cherish the time that is left.

What are some other things that can affect you positively?

Studies have shown that music is beneficial in many ways; one of which is students who study music actually will perform better in math as well as other subjects.

Music can brighten your mood lifting your spirits. It can also reduce stress and blood pressure.


Your mental health and confidence are linked, when you boost one you will also boost the other.

Understanding that depression and other mental health issues can lower your confidence you will see that if you treat the depression, then you will boost your confidence. When your confidence is boosted, the depression lessens.

Taking care of your whole body, mind and spirit will also help your confidence as well as making you healthier over all.

About the author: Patrick Cole is an entrepreneur and freelancer. He is also a contributing blogger for several websites. Patrick loves self-education and rock music. Now he works as a writing editor at Resumes.Expert

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