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Do Not Blame Depression

Do Not Blame Depression

3 million cases of depression each year here and diagnoses are growing at an alarming rate…do you wonder why? Are we all supposed to believe the medical community when they say it’s genetic, stress or mental illness? I don’t believe it’s any of these!

Then What Do You Believe?

I believe one of the most common side-effects of every pill you swallow, is depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. For example I can just look at the side-effects listed for every kind of anti-depressant — it’s depression and suicide! You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to connect the two dots. When doctors prescribe more anti-depressants to millions of men, women and children, the depression and suicide rates increase, too! Again, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to connect these two dots, either.

Why Do Drugs Cause Depression And Suicide Anyway?

It comes down to what exactly all pills are made from — synthetic chemicals, which are all highly toxic.

Where Does Your Body Put All These Synthetic Chemicals?

Some do pass through your bowels and are expelled, others are not expelled at all, rather are stored and continue to accumulate, inside your small and large intestines. This causes all sorts of side-effects throughout your body, many of which are already listed clearly on the list of side-effects.

How Do I Clean Out Decades Of Pills?

You must clean out your colon daily, but not the way you think and definitely not the way you’ve heard. There are many colon cleanses out there, but none of those could you do daily, and certainly not much longer than a few days.

The colon cleanse I’m talking about is so healthy, is so safe and so effective, you could do it while nursing, while pregnant, all the way up to 125 years old. This is the colon cleanse I’m talking about. Your colon is the storage facility of your body, so it’s true what I’ve been telling everyone since the 1980s..“if you’re not cleansing, you’re accumulating.” And this is more true now than ever before!

As more and more anti-depressants are prescribed, we will see depression and suicide rates increase, too.

But What About Those Who Are Diagnosed With Depression Before Ever Taking Any Anti-Depressants?

That’s a great question! The answer is simple..synthetic chemicals used to manufacture processed food products, drinks and even synthetic vitamin pills. But even if you never took a pill in your whole life, you don’t have to take drugs or pills often to develop depression — just eat junk food or eat pesticides every day for years or drink soda! It’s all the same to your colon.

In a normal healthy body, when you are eating and drinking daily what naturally and automatically keeps your organs clean, you are truly preventing disease and symptoms. When you are not eating or drinking daily what naturally and automatically keeps your organs clean, especially your colon, then of course over time this toxic accumulation will create all sorts of diseases and symptoms, especially depression. Other symptoms of a toxic colon include trouble sleeping, difficulty losing weight, headaches or migraines, constant allergies and so many more…

This is your missing link! Start cleaning out your colon today and do it every day and finally start improving your health once and for all!





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