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Eight Tips To a Deeper and More Relaxing Sleep

Eight Tips To a Deeper and More Relaxing Sleep

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The quality of sleep has a great impact on one’s productivity. It will determine how effective and alert you will be throughout the next day. The importance of having a relaxing sleep to the body cannot be over-emphasized. It serves as a means to recharge the body and brain, and give rest to all the vital organs of the body. It is important for the body’s general health and vitality.

However, the quality of sleep matters. Making your sleep deep, relaxing and refreshing goes a long way to impact your health. Just as your body needs a good and balanced meal every day, the body equally needs a deep and refreshing sleep. It is unfortunate however that deep sleep evades most people. The good news is that there are tricks that could be learned to make sleep more enjoyable. There are little things you can do to ensure a deep and relaxing sleep. Here are some of them:

Get Your Worries Off the Way

If you are the type that thinks about your struggles during bedtime, you have got to find a way to deal with it. You could schedule a time to ruminate about your struggles during the day. You could schedule a time to discuss your struggles with a confidant or write them in a journal. By getting it out of your chest, you will be keeping it off your mind which then limits the chances of it disturbing your sleep.

Keep Your Naps Short

Many people advise doing away with afternoon nap If you desire a good night and relaxing sleep. However, if you desire to nap at all, keep it short. You could adopt some simple routine such as:

Maintaining a schedule:
Make it early in the afternoon.
Keep it short – brevity is the key. Limit afternoon nap to a maximum of 30 minutes.

Try a More Comfortable Mattress for relaxing sleep

A typical human spends over 30% of his/her entire life sleeping. If relaxing sleep is this vital, then attention should be given to where the “art of sleeping” is done – the mattress. However, an uncomfortable mattress could also limit the quality of sleep gotten. How do you know when to change mattress?

Do you have to try several sleeping positions before you can sleep?
Are you fond of waking up and shifting positions?
Do you wake up with back and joint pains?

If you can identify with the above, it is time to consider a new mattress. A good mattress should provide support for your curves and natural spine.

Limit Light Exposure hinders relaxing sleep

There is a natural occurring hormone in the body called Melatonin. It is controlled by exposure to light and helps regulate your sleep-wake cycle. You feel sleepy when the brain secretes more melatonin, which occurs majorly during the dark. However, less melatonin is secreted when there is light, making you more alert. Many aspects of our life can alter the production of melatonin. However, during the night, you could develop some habit that will influence the production of melatonin. Some of such are:

Within 1 to 2 hours of your bedtime, avoid bright light. Reduce the brightness of your phone or tablet if you must use it
Avoid late-night TV, it suppresses melatonin
Avoid reading with backlit device
Sleep in a dark room, Use heavy curtain to shade light from outside


Make Vigorous Exercise a Priority

One of the many advantages of exercise is that it helps enhance sleep. Hardly will you see any good exerciser that does not enjoy a sound sleep at night. They are hardly a victim of insomnia. Exercise increases the amount of time you spend in deep and restorative stages of sleep.

Vigorous exercise makes your sleep deep. However, light exercise as simple as some minutes of the walk could also improve your sleep quality. Note however that it could take a while before you see the influence of exercise on your sleep, but it will come. However, avoid exercising when it’s close to your bedtime, at least 3 hours to your bedtime is ideal.

Carefully Choose Your Meal

The food you eat, especially some hours to your bedtime also influences the level and quality of your sleep. Caffeine and nicotine intake should be reduced; they contain a stimulant that can keep you alert for hours. Also do away with smoking, it does not help your sleep.

Avoid Background Noise

You should avoid things that will interfere with your sleep regarding noise. White noise is helpful; an ideal one can help you block out unnecessary ones.  A fan is ideal as it not only maintains a consistent flow of air but also provides a continuous background noise.

You can get a white noise machine or even get the app on your mobile phone. Some white noise gives the impression of rain, wind, etc. You could also go for a varied sound such as that of a babbling rock, waterfall or a croaking frog.

Match Your Pillow to Your Sleep Position

Pillows are an essential sleep aid and could make a great deal between having a good night sleep or a bad one.

Your pillow can help lower back pain by using it to support your knees if you sleep on your back
While sleeping on your side, your pillow could come between your knees. This maintains alignment with the hips.
Used to sleeping on your tummy, a flat pillow is advised so as not to strain your neck.



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