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Five Energy Saving Tips in the Kitchen

Five Energy Saving Tips in the Kitchen

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Utmost care needs to be taken to minimize the amount of energy wasted in the kitchen. While in the kitchen, it’s pretty easy to waste a lot of energy. However, there are several precautions that could help you save energy in the kitchen. As a matter of fact, these precautions will not require you to change all your kitchen appliances, a simple adjustment in our kitchen lifestyles could make a lot of significant impacts. This adjustment will result in the increased energy efficiency.  Here are five practical tips can help reduce your energy bills while reducing your carbon footprint.

Be smart when boiling water

A report indicated that boiling water account for 12% of energy bills. Thus, it is important to boil the exact amount of water needed. Unknown to many, this is one way in which huge amount of energy is wasted. According to a report, you could power your TV set for a whole day with the energy spent boiling a kettle filled with water. Boiling more water than needed uses more electricity.  So, form the habit of measuring out the amount of water needed.

Practice Efficient Cooking Strategy

You could learn and apply some simple cooking techniques to save energy in the kitchen. The following tips listed below will come in handy:

Match the pot size to the burner. This will prevent heat from escaping to the surrounding.
Keep pots well sealed. To cook effectively, you don’t want heat escaping as well.
In cooking on top of the range, use the lowest possible heat setting.
Make sure your pot size fits the size of your meal. Using a bigger pot only waste energy.
Do not go for cheap pots. Glass or ceramic pan is preferable, while it takes time to heat up, it maintains an even distribution of heat and also store heat longer. This makes it more efficient and energy saving.

In the Use of Your Fridge/Freezer.

I bet you do not know that the nicer you are you your fridge, the less energy it consumes. It is essential to learn a few tips to be energy conservative in the use of fridge /freezer. The following tips could help

Stop the habit of putting hot foods directly into the freezer. Doing this put extra load on the freezer. With the hot food, the fridge will do extra work to cool it down. This will increase energy consumption.
As much as possible, try and always limit opening  your fridge/freezer’s door.
And try not to leave your fridge empty and too full.
Also, leave some clearance, at least 10cm between the fridge and the wall. This allows for easy circulation of cool air.

Try induction cooking – Could be energy saving

Are you open for some new ways of cooking effectively and efficiently? Then, consider using portable induction cooktop. What makes this unique is that it doesn’t produce flame while cooking. Instead of transferring heat to the pit via flames, heat is transferred directly to the pot. This is how the food is cooked. According to a report, induction cooking saves a lot of energy as there is significantly small heat loss to the environment. Besides being energy efficient, it saves cost and time a food is cooked a lot faster.

Keep burner pans clean.

The Burner pan is that white silvery foil pan below your gas burner. Heat from the heating element is reflected through the burner pan to the bottom of the pot. Should this burner pan be blackened due to heavy use, the reflecting power will be reduced. This will reduce the efficiency of the burner. It is best to keep burners shiny for maximum efficiency.

The above tips will come in handy if you desire to save energy and save money. They involve no major investment but a few adjustments in habits.


Author Bio: Mike Dan is a freelance writer with great interest in Tech, Health, Sustainable living, and Home Improvement. He just started using portable induction cooktop as one of his ways of reducing home energy use.

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