Good health means the intelligence has to supersede the tongue’s dictate

Good health means the intelligence has to supersede the tongue’s dictate

Right now we are in the midst of all kinds of sports comprised of individuals that are paid to stay healthy and strong.

Down the road we will be in the midst of the Olympics comprised of individuals that have spent years keeping fit for the sheer joy of competition and the test of personal prowess.

There will be enormous hoopla, thundering crowd roars, and the witnessing of what years of preparation, persistence, patience, and dedication will achieve through varied colored medals.

What motivates the professional athlete or the Olympian should be the same motivation that motivates all of us.

Why does the preparation, persistence, patience and dedication have to apply only to a select few? What about the rest of us?

At the beginning of the year I’m sure there must have been untold numbers of us making New Years’ resolutions to lose weight, live healthier lives, and adopt better eating habits.

So what happens? Busy schedules, old habits prevailing, and somehow that insane desire we had, dwindles.

Bear in mind that it is not an overnight thing to change habits to change your body. And guess what? It doesn’t happen overnight.

Those habits that we are entrenched with are nothing more than a routine or a behavior that we repeat regularly, automatically, and many times, unconsciously.

To develop a new habit is hard work especially if the new one competes with the old one and, in our minds, contradicts the old ones.

For the most part many of us measure our standards of health by the size of out waist or by seeing a few lesser pounds on the scale.

Those are just some of the side effects of a lifestyle characterized by our habits.

What we don’t realize is that there are habits we can develop that we normally would not think of.

When was the last time you chose the stairs over the escalator?

When was the last time you opted for water instead of the health debilitating, weight gaining, neurologically destructive, aspartame laden, diet soda?

When was the last time you opted for salad and used lemon juice or olive oil and balsamic vinegar as the salad dressing instead of thick, creamy, salad dressing?

When was the last time you passed on the bread or anything that had a face or a mother or even the chicken’s period?

All these, subtle as they may be, add up to a healthier lifestyle.

We watch ads on TV and see buff guys and women with incredible 6-packs selling products to make us look like them.

Do you really believe that they look the way they do because they used that piece of equipment three times a week for 20 minutes with a full money-back guarantee?

Hell no! It took them years.

So, do not expect, when you exercise for an hour, to have that toned torso.
One thing you will accomplish though is giving your body a new signal – the signal that you are using it.

If used consistently, you will give your body enough signals and if you do so over a long period of time, your torso will be toned.
Time and consistency are the keys.

Our problem is that we want instant results and try to change everything at once.
Instead of looking for that change immediately, give yourself time, be it anywhere from two weeks to two months.

Your body needs to adjust to its new format or new habit of regular exercise. There are some that say you should take 10,000 steps a day. That means you will have to buy a pedometer and become obsessed with fulfilling your step requirements. Paranoia comes in all forms.

And, it’s not different with new eating habits.

We know that sugar causes a myriad of problems so cut out the soda, cookies, cakes, candies and the like.

Since “diet” anything containing artificial sweeteners is a disaster, pass on it big time. The problem is it is hardly ever labeled.

So, your hidden or revealed sources of aspartame, Splenda, Amino Sweet, and other garbage is: diet sodas, yogurts, chewing gum (except for Xylitol or Spry), commercial cooking sauces, drink powders, flavored water, sugar free anything, commercial cereals, children’s medicines, and tabletop sweeteners.

Then, saturated fat, coming from anything that had a face or a mother, is well known for its artery clogging abilities leading to cancer, heart disease, arthritis, erectile dysfunction (a funny story to follow), stroke and just about every debilitating disease known.

Finally, stay away completely from GMOs. If it isn’t organic corn, soy or cotton do not touch it with a 10-foot pole. But what the hell, if GMOs kill the bees, how bad can it be. Oh yeah, Thailand has decided to extinguish all the Hawaii Rainbow (GMO) papayas and ban any more from entering the country.

As far as Canola oil goes, be it organic or non-organic, STAY AWAY! Show me where in nature I can find a “canola” and maybe I’ll view it differently. Canola oil, originally rapeseed oil, was largely an industrial solvent in Canada until some businessman got the great idea to market is as a vegetable oil to make money.

But like everything else, for most people, change takes time. Do it slowly but wean yourself away from those things that will cause you to be a repeat “customer” for your doctor.

Here’s a challenge: get yourself slowly and steadily to the point where you are exercising regularly and eating a plant/whole grain based diet.

When you finally get there do it consistently for two months. After those two months are up, look at yourself and your health. If you like what you see, stick with it. If you don’t like what you see, go back. When you do, you will feel the difference immediately but you should embrace the nausea, diarrhea, bloating, and weight gain with open arms.

Here’s that funny story I said you would get.

Most of you know that I sell a product called organic sulfur crystals that reverses many major health issues. One day, at my softball league, one of the guys asks me if the crystals will help with erectile dysfunction. I tell him it will. He buys it.
Two weeks later I ask him how it’s working and he says OK, but he’s only taking it once a day. I remind him that he should be taking it twice a day to be really effective because twice a day keeps the oxygen continually permeating and healing all the cells in the body. He then says that he is aware of that but that his wife can’t handle it when he takes it twice a day. So much for his erectile dysfunction!

Can I leave you with a little more humor?

So, this older Jewish couple have a boring sex life. They decide to see a sex therapist. The sex therapist tells them they need a bit of excitement and stimulation in their sex life and suggests, for stimulation for the wife, a virile, handsome, young guy to stand there and wave a towel while they are having sex to stimulate her. So, they do it. The couple has sex and the young guy stands there and waves the towel. The sex was still boring. So the husband makes a suggestion. He tells the young guy to have sex with his wife while he waves the towel. While engaged in the activity the wife is screaming and moaning and going crazy. When they finish the husband looks down at them and arrogantly shouts, “See schmuck, that’s how you wave a towel”!


“The Mucusless Diet” by Arnold Ehret
“The Starch Solution” by Dr. John McDougall

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