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Healthy Food Alternatives To Get Rid Of Cravings

Healthy Food Alternatives To Get Rid Of Cravings

Health enthusiasts from all around the world know that it is really difficult to have a controlled way of life. Cravings always appear and instead of failing to resist the urge, a better approach is to consider healthy alternatives. Believe it or not, there are many healthy food alternatives that will help you to get rid of many cravings. We will mention some that are quite popular and tasty. You will surely love every single one.

Carob Instead Of Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most common cravings that people have. The temptation can easily be replaced with carob. You can eat as much as you desire. This is basically a pod that is pea-like and that has a highly similar sweet taste to chocolate. You only end up faced with 51 calorie grams as opposed to the 98 we find in cocoa. This is a great example of a substitution you will appreciate.

Make Your Own Salsa

It is really easy to buy dips but an alternative you will want to take into account is the possibility of making your very own salsa. A simple recipe only requires garlic, tomatoes, parsley and onions. Every single ingredient highlighted has some benefits for your body without the fats you normally find in generic dips. Various other salsa recipes are available so choose the one that you will love the most.

Eating Chicken Instead Of Beef

Although this is not always a necessity since good beef is not bad for the body, the fat content we see in beef is high. You end up clogging the arteries with bad cholesterol as you eat way too much beef. An alternative is definitely eating chicken. This is a very good source of useful protein while fat content is low. The only thing you really have to do is to avoid eating chicken skin.

Drink Water Instead Of Soda

Every single person out there that is interested in healthy eating knows that soda should be avoided. It is really tough at first but when you replace the carbs filled drink with water, you manage to gain various interesting health benefits. In the event that you believe that water tastes bland, simply add lime or lemon juice. That actually offers even more benefits than drinking water. The body never gains something negative when you drink water. Soda on the other hand has way too much sugar added. This automatically leads towards weight gain or an inability to lose weight.

Use Olive Oil For Your Salad Dressing

The salad dressings that you find in stores normally cost a lot of money and includes various bad substances for your body like fat and preservatives. Olive oil can help you to get rid of that by simply combining it with vinegar. Believe it or not, these are the only salad condiments you actually need. Olive oil is really cheap and vinegar is a strong antiseptic. Combine that with the fact that olive oil includes high quantities of Omega-3 fatty acids and you have a great alternative to your salad dressing.

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This article was provided by Sam, a big supporter of Hampton Creek, which is a food start-up that is helping to revolutionize the industry. You can check out the Hampton Creek Channel to learn more about their story.

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Updated: March 25, 2016 — 12:30 am

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