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How to Build a Financially Successful Health Blog

How to Build a Financially Successful Health Blog

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You have a passion for health and fitness, whether it’s natural remedies and supplements, nutrition, or the latest in exercise trends. What can you do with that passion that will allow you to explore what you love while also making money?

Increasingly people are turning to blogging. Health, fitness, and general wellness blogs are among the most popular topics for website readers, and the whole of the health and wellness industry is expected to reach a value of $1 trillion in 2017. While this includes things well beyond blogging, creating your own health-centric website is a simple way to get your own piece of the health action, with minimal investment of time or money.

Often people wonder how they can take their general interest in health or fitness blogging and turn it into something lucrative. Below are some tips to help you get started as you create your financially viable blog in the health and wellness market.

Decide on a Niche

Health, wellness, and fitness are incredibly broad blogging topics, so you’re likely going to want to start by deciding on a more specific niche. You might try to do it all and cover it all with your blog, but it can be simpler to reach a targeted audience if your blog is more specific in its content. When you decide on a particular niche, you’re also going to face less overall competition, which will allow you to build a bigger audience and drive more traffic to your site.

It’s always good to find a nice balance between going too specific and not specific enough. If you’re too specific, you may find no one is looking for the content you’re offering.

A good example is this: rather than doing a food-based health blog, consider focusing your blog on organic eating, or rather than doing a general fitness blog, put the focus on weight training. This gives you enough specificity to cut down on some of the competition, without making it so obscure that no one is going to be reading your site.

Offer Products

The health and wellness blogging market is also an ideal place to make money because, in addition to ample networking opportunities, it’s also good in terms of offering products. If you want to earn money from your blog you can always use AdSense or something like affiliate marketing, but as pros like Neil Patel explain in guides on how to create a money-making blog, if you really want to be a financial success you need to go beyond that.

There are a couple of different routes you can take here, and you might consider following the lead of the wildly popular site Wellness Mama, and others like it. The blogger at Wellness Mama has taken her DIY natural knowledge, remedies, and recipes and turned them into a thriving and successful site, and she continues to build it by offering products like e-Books and digital courses on how to live a healthier, more holistic life.

Become An Authority

If you already love health, fitness or nutrition, this next step to building a money-making blog is going to be a lot easier. Educate yourself as much as you can in your niche. This is yet another reason you want to choose a blog direction that’s somewhat specific—you want to be able to learn as much as you can about the topics you’re writing on. That will allow you to become an authority, and being seen that way is essential in the world of health and wellness blogging.

You don’t have to become a professional, but it’s a good idea to do your research and know what you’re talking about because it’s that knowledge that is going to make you marketable to readers.

It can always be a good idea to have a sense of interest in what you’re writing about because it will make it easier for you to take the time to research and you’ll feel more enthusiastic about writing and sharing what you’ve learned.

Go Where Your Audience Is

Delving into the world of health and wellness blogging can be exciting and can turn into a lucrative project because you have so many opportunities to go where your potential readers are and get your name, and your blog out there.

You can visit social media sites and other bloggers’ sites, and join the conversation. By doing that, you’re giving yourself the opportunity not just to spread the word about your blog, but also to build valuable relationships within the field so that you can potentially later ask for guest post and linking opportunities.

The most successful health bloggers are excellent at expanding their reach well beyond the confines of their actual blog. They’re also great at being able to spark and maintain conversations with their audience. The concepts of health and wellness are highly personal for a lot of people, and they want that feeling of personal interaction as part of their blog experience.

Implement an Inspiration Design

The final tip in this guide to successfully monetizing your health, wellness or natural living blog focuses less on the actual core of the content and your marketing outside of your blog, and more on the aesthetics. Not every blog has to be beautiful. For example, tech blogs can be pretty simple and straightforward in their design.

That is not true with health blogs. All of the most successful wellness and healthy living blogs have beautiful designs for their sites. That’s because health blogs need to be inherently inspirational, and that’s difficult to do without a stunning layout and great images.

Work hard to create a site and accompanying social media profiles that are appealing not just because of the content, authority you’ve managed to convey and the personal network you’ve built, but also because of its appealing design.

Now is a very good time for health and wellness bloggers to expand their efforts, boost their marketing and become part of what’s quickly becoming one of the most prominent industries in the U.S. and even around the world.

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