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How To Build Upper Body Strength and Chest Muscle.

How To Build Upper Body Strength and Chest Muscle.

In addition to keeping as fit as possible, one of the other main reasons why people spend long hours in the gym is to get a perfectly-sculpted body. It is not advisable to just concentrate on the upper body when working out.  You should focus on every part of the body. However, concentrating on the muscles of the upper body helps greatly in strengthening your arms, chest, shoulders and other parts of the body. As much as concentrating on the upper body is important for your body, the upper chest is considered as one of the hardest area of the body to build. The middle and the lower chest are easier to build as they are involved in more exercises such as flat bench press or a decline press.

You don’t need the gym equipment for you to gain the muscles of the upper body. There are many exercises that can be done without the use of weights. Exercising without equipment helps so much in boosting muscles. It is therefore important to consult a doctor before you can start any exercises routine.Below are some of the most common steps that would help greatly in getting the upper body muscles.

  • The first thing that you should always do before the usual exercises is warm up for about 5 minutes. This should be done by moving your joints and muscles in the same pattern as the exercises you are about to do. For instance, you can do some pushups at a low intensity level, e.g. from your knees.
  • While doing the pushups, you should aim at toning your arms, chest and shoulders. Also, you should twist your hips and bend your left knee bringing it to your right elbow. Lower your back to the floor and repeat the procedure for about 10 times. Pushups can also be done while someone is standing. This is by pushing against a wall or standing at the doorway.
  • The third step is to perform dips that target the chest, upper back, shoulders and arms. To perform this, you need to sit on the floor with your knees bent, raise your butt off the floor until the torso and the hips are at a parallel angle to the floor, then bend your elbows and bring your butt towards the floor, lift yourself back up and repeat the procedure. Alternatively, you can try to perform dips on one leg and target at least 10 repetitions per leg.
  • The next step is lying on the floor on your left side with your knees bent together so that you are able to do triceps presses. These presses target the arms, shoulders and chest. You should position your arm in front of your chest, pushing the palm to the floor. Then let the left arm to curl under the right so as to grasp the right shoulder. Press yourself away from the floor in a way like you are doing sideways pushups. At least repeat the procedure for ten times.
  • To work all the muscles of the upper body at once, you need to do a side plank. For you to do this, you need to lie on your side, propping yourself to the right elbow. Raise your hand straight to the roof and then lift your body off the floor. Hold this position for a while, then release back into the starting position. To get the most out of this exercise, you should raise your hips and sweep your left arm underneath the ribcage rather than lifting it upward. Repeat the procedure for ten times then switch to the opposite side.
  • After doing the above exercises, you should cool down by stretching out your arms, chest and shoulders. Get down on your hands and knees and arch your spine upward. Hold this angle for about 10 seconds then return to the starting position.

To get the best results, you should flex, and hold it as long as you can, your upper body muscles as hard as you can during the contraction part of each exercise.

If you would like to add some weights to your workout routine then we recommend this chest fat burning workout which uses dumbbells, it comes complete with animated GIF’s on how to do every exercise.

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Updated: March 16, 2016 — 9:00 am

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