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How To Detox Properly and Eliminate Harsh Symptoms

How To Detox Properly and Eliminate Harsh Symptoms

Whether you are looking to shed excess pounds or simply feel and look better, a full body cleanse is often a necessary part of the process. Not only will it help remove toxic waste that has accumulated in your colon, detoxification organs, fat, and lymphatic system, you’ll find that the whole process will have you looking younger and feeling lighter. Who doesn’t want that?

Of course, detoxification can be a bit of a complicated process with toxins being uprooted and mobilized which can initiate a healing crisis that can often be too much to bear. It’s important to note that while every situation is different, this is often an inevitable part of the process and a signal that the detoxification process is in effect.

So how do you make sure that it goes better and you end up on the other side without too many symptoms? You make sure to follow these key guidelines.

Proper hydration

Anyone who has went through a cleansing process has surely been told or understands that drinking plenty of water is a key part of the process. It helps provides the “flow” so that when toxins are uprooted and mobilized, they don’t end up being deposited somewhere else inside the body.

However, what most people fail to do is secure a pure source of water that doesn’t add more toxins to deal with in the process. Using fluoridated tap water, plastic bottled water, and crappy water filters (which don’t remove much of anything) are not assisting your cause of proper toxin removal. Until you seriously source a quality and pure source of water, your cleanse is going to be hampered.

If you don’t know what water is best, or need advice on the best filters on the market, read Guide to Drinking Water, and get outfitted properly.

Open up the pores of your skin

When you stimulate the body into toxin removal, you want to make sure you open every exit possible so that they can find an easy way out of your body. The biggest detoxification pathway by surface area is your skin, and it is one of the easiest ways to facilitate a more effective and symptom free cleanse. Four ways to open up the pores of your skin include:

Sauna (infrared if possible)
Hot baths (add magnesium flakes or essential oils for more effect)
Dry brushing
Moderate exercise

It’s important to note that proper hydration as noted above is very important when inducing sweating, and not over doing the exercise so you don’t put additional stress on the body when the focus should be on recovery mode.

Promote bowel movements

Typically during a cleanse the bowels will start to unleash old infections (ie. bacterial and parasitic) along with impacted fecal material that has failed to be removed properly. Ideally, you want to be having a bowel movement 1-3 times day during this process so that toxins are being removed from the body and not being reabsorbed into the bloodstream through the intestinal wall (which will happen during constipation).

In order to improve your odds of daily and effective bowel movements, be sure to:

Drink plenty of fresh, clean water
Eat a variety of leafy greens and fresh produce
Consider aloe vera, garlic, ginger, fennel, and cayenne as part of your daily routine
Get enough magnesium
Consume plenty of vitamin C

If you need a bit  more help, consider hydrotherapy (colonics) and enemas to get the party started and to take a potentially larger toxic load out of your body to facilitate an easier detoxification process.

Support the liver and kidneys

These dynamic duo are responsible for a lot of the heavy lifting during a cleanse, so you need to make sure to wake them up and stimulate their function in order for toxins to be removed effectively and with as few symptoms as possible.

Some gentle ways to support your liver in this process include:

Drink dandelion and milk thistle teas
Eat garlic, turmeric, grapefruit, and green vegetables
Consume fermented foods and beverages
Use castor oil packs

Some great ways to support the kidneys include:

Drinking pure cranberry juice and apple cider vinegar
Consuming uva ursi, corn silk, and juniper berries in a warm tea

Starting to drink the teas prior to a full out cleanse will give these important organs a light refresh so that when you are ready to put them to work, they are not “shocked” into the process.

These are some of the best ways to start your detox properly and eliminate the harsh symptoms that can often come with it. For more details on mastering your detox, read Best Ways To Detox Correctly, and Signs of a Clogged Lymphatic System and 10 Ways To Cleanse It.

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About the author:

Derek Henry took a deadly health challenge that conventional medicine couldn’t solve and self-directed a one-in-a-million health journey that found him happier and healthier than he had been in his entire life. As a result of this rewarding journey, he created Healing the Body and became a well revered holistic health coach who now spends his time writing, coaching, and educating thousands of people each month who want to enjoy similar results.

His Digestive Mastery Blueprint and THRIVE Online Health Program are two essential resources for anyone who wishes to have the intelligence and answers to become truly well.

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