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How To Keep Your Entire Family Healthy (Including Your Pets)

How To Keep Your Entire Family Healthy (Including Your Pets)

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The days of not having enough information to live a healthy life are gone. In the age of immense technology and information it just takes a little research to learn more than our parents knew in just one sitting. Keeping an entire family with a hectic schedule healthy is going to be work. Nothing is easier than ordering a pizza after a long day’s work followed by taking kids to their extracurricular activities. This is not the answer as resorting to fast food can lead to bad eating habits for a lifetime. The following are some ways to keep the entire family healthy which includes your dogs and cats.

Meal Prep

During the week it might be difficult to cook every single night for dinner. For this reason it is important to do meal prep on the weekend before. Most families know the days that cooking will be difficult because of fatigue and time constraints. Prepare a few chicken breasts and have some fresh vegetables at your disposal. A salad that is packed with protein from chicken might not be the most exciting meal but it will get the job done. Other sources of protein that you could add to this salad include avocadoes  and even a few hardboiled eggs. Do not let the week dictate what you will eat but rather plan ahead and your families health will improve.

Make Exercising a Family Activity

A weekly or biweekly bike ride with the family is a great way to bond as well as getting the entire family to exercise. There are some children that might resist traditional forms of exercise but tricking them with a fun activity like riding a bike can have them enjoying exercise without realizing it. Routine is very important when it comes to exercise as a routine is quite hard to break if it is engrained in everyone in the family. Colder climates might not allow for going outside to exercise all year. Playing sports with the family and family friend can be another way to keep the family’s cardiovascular endurance up as well.

Oral Hygiene is a Must

Many children skip brushing their teeth on a nightly basis. Getting your child into a healthy morning routine that includes taking care of their teeth can lead to them having good oral hygiene for life. Not to mention that excessive calories can end up costing thousands of dollars in dental bills for baby teeth that will fall out eventually anyway. A healthy diet that avoids sugary drinks can cut down on cavities as well as health problems.

Your Dog’s Diet is Important Too

Even though it is adorable to watch your dog lick peanut butter off of a spoon their diet should be managed just like the rest of the family. Certain dog breeds have specific diets to follow depending on size and health concerns as they age. An overweight dog should be put on a diet as carrying this extra weight can lead to joint issues in the future. Avoid giving the dog table scraps as well as this is a bad habit that the children might start taking up. There are some foods that are poisonous to dogs that children and even some adults might not know about. Your dog’s health is important as you want them to stick around for the longest time possible.

Don’t Push Too Hard

Pushing your family to work out too hard can lead to injury and resistance from everyone. There is a time and place to have a meal that might not be the healthiest as a great saying for this is “Everything in moderation, including moderation” is a mantra for many who live a healthy lifestyle. The lifestyle that your children grow up in will follow them for the rest of their lives. Whether it is eating or exercising habits it is important in instill how pivotal a healthy lifestyle can be in their lives. If you are lucky your children will love working out and eating healthy as a family. If you aren’t so lucky you might have to think of unconventional ways (like healthy food that is also delicious) to help win favor for these things with the family.

The above things will help your family become the envy of everyone around. Being healthy is a lifestyle that all begins with a series of a few correct decisions. Set your children up for a life filled with healthy decisions by being a great example.

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