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Isn’t It About Time For A Change?

Isn’t It About Time For A Change?

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Since going on the radio in 1981 and taking an active role in promoting good health, I have become appalled by the alarmingly decrepit state of health of the American people.

There is a huge difference that exists between the health of the people and the option for lack of disease and vibrancy.

Today, for the majority, wealth means how much you have. For me, wealth means good health.

The American medical profession has become nothing more than a “hooker” for the Big Pharma “pimp” by abandoning the Hippocratric Oath they pledged to serve skillfully and with sincere compassion.

Millions of Americans are dying unnecessarily by being the brutalized and agonized victims of indiscriminate manslaughter, crucified by the premeditated malpractice through improper conduct and negligent treatment by a totally misinformed and corrupt American medical community.

To add insult to injury, this disgraceful and dishonorable malpractice on living human beings is motivated by only money, sheer stupidity, and absurd medical application.

Most medical doctors, licensed to malpractice, should have their licenses revoked immediately to stop the grossly offensive and disgraceful malpractice of “guesstimation”, diagnosing and the horrendous use of poison chemical drug therapy pushed by the physical-chemical alleged scientists and Big Pharma, which results in broken lives and early deaths.

Bear in mind that Mother Nature does not require any outside interference from the medical community to care for or heal the human body. Yet, American medical schools are endlessly turning out future would-be murders, butchers, poisoners, electrocuters, zombie-makers and frauds. No where do we find healers. Vibrant health and the elimination of disease is contrary to the basic economic interests of the American medical profession and the medical-drug-hospital industry combined. Why? because there is no money to be made with healthy people.

The corrupt American medical profession is guilty of irresponsible deception and trickery in the promiscuous and senseless crimes of manslaughter in the deaths of millions of Americans due to the use of utterly stupid, archaic and immorally wrong Pasteurian methods of treating the ill, sick and diseased.

A medical doctor cannot cure you of any illness, sickness or disease. It’s your body that is the greatest doctor on the planet and can effectively prevent bodily disturbances and heal itself of any body-chemistry imbalance, if given the chance, through biological hygiene, nutrition, proper elimination and lack of energy and stamina.

Medical doctors have been taught to treat symptoms only and not causes. So, millions of innocent human beings will continue to die needlessly because medical doctors cannot effectively treat what they do not nor will not understand and seem to know little of – the natural biological processes of the human body – because they have no training in natural methods of body care and healing.

The American medical community makes no attempt to teach preventative medicine – how to become healthy and remain healthy – for they say, “that’s your problem. We’re only interested in treating symptoms and making money.”

How can a medical doctor help you health-wise when they lack the knowledge to actually do that? Medical schools do not teach nutrition or the natural reactions of the biological process of the human body. What’s really weird is that our highly educated doctors also die of the same illnesses, sicknesses and diseases they attempt to cure.

If you are afflicted with a major disease, going to a medical doctor for treatment is like playing Russian Roulette, and you have a way better than average chance of losing.

Most doctors only guess at what the proper remedy might be for the symptoms they so erroneously diagnose. The wrong diagnosis, the wrong medical application, leads to death. Hell, the old-fashioned “witch-doctors” had more knowledge about the natural biological process of the human body than our elite doctors that graduated from Harvard.

Most doctors today are specialists because they see a human being as a chemical-physical mass of miscellaneous separate parts and cannot accept disease as something wrong with the entire being and do not have the foresight to treat it as such.

Most American medical doctors trust and depend exclusively on chemical-drug therapy for their own survival in the black art of malpractice in treating their patients, aka customers.

Because of the failure of the American medical community to recognize natural methods in disease prevention, healthy body maintenance and elimination of disease, American have experienced an overwhelming increase in chronic degenerative diseases.

Proper nutrition and the treatment of the body as a whole rejects the idea that chemical substances can substitute for natural biological processes. Each individual human body is a separate biological world with its own variety of distinct and unique characteristics, so that the identical physical-chemical therapy cannot be indiscriminately applied with the hope of any success in the treatment of bodily disturbances.

That being the case, why hasn’t the brilliant minds of physical-chemical science failed to accept this?

Chemical drugs can only give temporary relief to symptoms, and the prolonged use of poison chemical drugs will definitely damage the body’s chemistry balance to the point of total disaster.

Proper nutrition, organic sulfur crystals, biological medicine and naturopathic methods of treating the human body must, out of necessity, replace today’s conventional medical therapy if the afflicted are to become well and remain well.

It might be hard to believe but biological medicine and nutrition are not in conflict with conventional medicine. They are worlds apart and just two different approaches to the treatment of illness, sickness and disease. One is natural and one is dictated by Big Pharma.

We, the American people, have been so deviously, systematically and consistently brainwashed into accepting the established dogma of orthodox medicine that, by habit of acceptance of pseudo-authority, we have formed erroneous, preconceived ideas about most natural methods of healing not ordained by the medical profession. Because of this, millions of Americans will continue to suffer and die needlessly from the malpractice of the misguided, but sincere, apprentice physicians.

Medical doctors should be sent back to school to learn natural methods. But, if they did that, there would be a good chance that their medical licenses would be revoked by the American Medical Association that snuggle up closely in bed to Big Pharma.

It’s a proven fact that the conventional medical drug approach to healing, which treats symptoms and not causes, is unable to solve the problem of ill health in America. Patient deaths from medical doctor causing disease have reached unbelievable heights. Toxic drug illnesses involving medical service are so prevalent today that it’s actually dangerous to go to a medical doctor for treatment.

Remember, you are putting your life at risk because a safe, harmless drug does not exist.

So many medical doctors are “surgery-happy” idiots, incompetently performing surgical operations on hundreds of thousands of unsuspecting patients.

How many medical doctors can keep up on the properties and potential dangers of all the new drugs being introduced? How many patients have paid with their lives for their doctor’s experiments in drug use? Even x-rays are being used at will and the cumulative affect is disease-producing and even fatal.

It’s amazing that American doctors continue to purchase malpractice insurance at any price to continue to harm their customers because they do not understand the harm they do with their mistaken methods of treatment.

Isn’t it about time for a change?


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