Men Should Grow Beard For These Five Health Reasons

Men Should Grow Beard For These Five Health Reasons

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Growing beards have many health benefits. Aside making men appear more attractive, growing beards also saves time and money. Beards makes men look more masculine and gives them the appearance of being healthy. Aside these social and economic reasons, there are several health reasons why men should grow beards. In this article, I have identified five health related reasons why men should grow beards. So, the next time someone tries to bore you with tales of how growing beards harbor germs, you might want to counter them with some of these points:

Beards help to conserve body temperature

Beards leave your body protected from extreme coldness during winter. Beards, and facial hairs, because of their extensive coverings generally provide heat protection to the body against cold weathers and other dry particles that come with the wind.

Protection from the harmful sun rays

Science has explained to us in details about how harmful radiations are released onto the skin from the sunlight. However, with beard, it is possible to get an extra layer of protection from these harmful elements from the sun rays. Spots and wrinkled skin are now associated with Dermatoheliosis, a chronic condition caused by harmful radiations when the skin is exposed to the sunlight for too long. Skin cancers are also more common nowadays because of exposure to these harmful sun rays. So you are actually protecting yourself from debilitating diseases when you grow beards.

Protection from bacterial and other infections

Sore throats are caused by airborne bacteria. Research has shown that beards keep these microbes away from the throat because of their coverings. Apart from this, beards help filter out dirts, dusts, and other toxic substances that trigger attack among asthmatic patients. Beards also cover pores on the skin through which microorganisms enter into the body.

Beards improve looks and self-esteem

Men with beards are given more recognition because there is a common believe that beards make them look matured and responsible. It offers an aura of confidence on the bearer and generally improves self-esteem.  It makes men look more attractive and gets them attracted to the opposite sex. This has enormous positive effects on the emotions of such men.

Improved sexual life

According to anonymous studies, there is a general correlation between urges for sex and increased beard growth. Testosterone, the male hormone, has been discovered as the missing link between sexual development and beards. The hormone raises sexual urges and causes the beards to grow at higher rates. So it’s no coincidence that men with beards are sexually more active than their counterparts without beards.


There are many other benefits of growing beards. Avoiding the shaving brush means no more nasty rashes. According to Dr. Jon Ward, a dermatology specialist in Florida, shaving is usually the main cause of bacterial infections in the beard area. Shaving have also been known as the main cause of folliculitis, that is, an infection of the hair follicles that causes spots. Growing beards is not only good for physical appearances, when it is well maintained, beards might be good for healthy living as well.



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