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Non GMO vs. Organic

Non GMO vs. Organic

When you’re shopping at your favorite health food store and you’re checking each label before you buy it, you will often see the “Non GMO Verified” seal on the label and feel assured you aren’t eating any GMOs.

But That Doesn’t Mean You Aren’t Still Eating Toxic Pesticides

Before the very first “Non GMO Verified” seal appeared on the very first product label and even more so after it appeared on the first product label, pesticides are still sprayed everywhere, millions of tons each year, in fact, are sprayed into the ground and now sprayed into our skies above us, too!

What’s The Difference Between A GMO And A Pesticide?

A GMO is just like spraying toxic pesticides directly on the plants, but even worse, because that plant has also been genetically altered to grow the toxic pesticides inside the plant DNA. For this reason, there are now serious pesticide-resistant insects roaming farmlands all across the country that literally ignore both directly sprayed pesticides and of course GMO plants alike, so what have these Farmers done to stop this serious devastation? They spray more! You definitely don’t have to be a scientist to know that is just plain unwise.

But we see this same reasoning with our “sick-care system” where forcing everyone to pay for “sick insurance” has only worsened chronic illness, not helped prevent it at all. Probably because the very toxic and dangerous treatments used to treat the symptoms of pain and illness are now being paid for more, so more people have access to these dangerous treatments that injure and kill them faster.

If I See The “Non-GMO Verified” Seal, Does That Mean There Are No Pesticides?

Heavens no! It just means instead of eating GMOs, you are eating pesticides. Is that better? Is that healthier? I don’t think so. Just because there’s a seal that says “No Rat Poison”, does that mean the product is now healthy? You must use your common sense to rise above the tricky labeling used on products these days.

If you see both the “Non-GMO Verified” seal and the “Organic” seal, then you can be 95% sure there aren’t any pesticides or GMOs. Why only 95% sure? Because the United States Organic Certification does not require any food or product to be sold as 100% Pesticide-Free and 100% GMO-Free, just 95% Pesticide-Free and 95% GMO-Free to receive the “Organic” seal. In other words, you can still be eating or drinking 5% pesticides or GMOs and still call it organic!

“That doesn’t sound too bad because it’s still mostly organic.”

I’ve heard this reasoning out there, but it doesn’t stand up to logic, therefore it’s untrue. For example, if rat poison is classified as a pesticide, which it obviously is since a rat is definitely considered a pest, would you be OK eating or drinking just 5% of it, because 95% of it is Pesticide-Free or 95% of it is GMO-Free? Yes or No? If you answered No, then congratulations, your common sense has saved you from becoming a victim of life-long illness.

If you buy anything in a package, you must read the label to make sure the word “organic” is in front of every single ingredient, especially if there are any “other ingredients” below the nutritional facts panel, otherwise, it’s too contaminated for you to receive any real nutritional benefit. Yet even if you make sure every ingredient states “organic” in front of every single ingredient, this is still not a guarantee that the organic product you buy is 100% Pesticide-Free or 100% GMO-Free, it just means that every ingredient is 95% Pesticide-Free and 95% GMO-Free.

For this reason, it’s vital you and everyone in your family does the Pesticide Cleanse daily to prevent chronic pain and chronic illness, even if you do eat and drink absolutely only organic every day.

As I always say…

if you’re not cleansing, you’re accumulating.






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