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PhD Biologist Tells How Laminine Will Get You Healthy Again!

PhD Biologist Tells How Laminine Will Get You Healthy Again!

My name is Raphael Gonzalez I have a PhD in biology from the University of California Irvine.

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I’ve worked quite a bit in the field of stem cell regeneration over 18 years and here at DaVinci Biosciences we are a reference lab that does quite a bit of work for different companies to test different various products on a regular basis.

So what we’re going to discuss today is a particular product called Laminine from Life Farm Global and this product is a capsule that you take on a regular basis. ┬áThe reason why we’re discussing this is because they came to us and said we’d like to test this product. We’ve been having phenomenal results on different individuals on it so how can we actually test this so what we did here was we actually got together gathered .

My group of scientists my cell biologists and we all got together and discuss what do we need to do to demonstrate what is in the product is it safe and somewhat how does it work how does this work.

How does it make individuals feel better or what’s the possible mechanisms of how this stuff works cells in our body are actually the basic functional unit that’s in your body that actually helps you to maintain health helps you to maintain what’s called homeostasis.

Your regular normal physical activity these things turnover on a regular basis and the way that works is the majority of ourselves in our body they actually divide, and as they divide they actually age they only have a finite amount of divisions.

What occurs is within the actual cell which will describe a little bit more detail of this we have these things called telomeres in scion the chromosomes telomers are on the ends of chromosomes these are things like shoelaces that basically look at the at the end of the shoelaces the caps on them. As a cell divide these become shorter and shorter and your telomeres become shorter and shorter what does that mean for you it basically means as these things divide them the telomeres become shorter and shorter. At some certain point they become what’s called critically short telomers and when they become critically short telomers scientists now know that this is part of Aging.

This is natural aging that occurs however there’s a direct correlation that the shorter the telomere and the mark what’s called critically short telomers is. There a direct correlation with aging and disease while we talk about what type of disease. Number one we talk about dementia. Number two heart disease cancer etc. So the shorter the telomere, the more prone you are to actually obtain these type of diseases.

So we looked at telomerase activity because this is a gauge of what’s going on in your body and if we can increase this telomerase activity we now know that this can actually help maintain your telomeres from being cut and being shortened.

Laminine increases telomerase activity. What this means for you is that your telomers will be maintained and you can maintain youth better this way. Click the button above to order Laminine get your Health Back NOW!

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