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Running at Night – the Why and the How

Running at Night – the Why and the How

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Night is not exactly the time when most people have fitness on their mind. However, when the cheery crowds visit bars and clubs, the night owls descend from their nests, looking for one particular type of prey: a night sweat fest. They are eager to give it their all and live a healthy life on a different kind of schedule. Indeed, running at night is quite a special experience every time you hit the pavement. Apart from that, there are many surprising benefits waiting to be reaped in the hours of darkness.

Fitness night club

At the end of a long workday, watching TV seems like a more inviting activity than breaking a sweat. It is not easy to sacrifice your social life, but the reward comes in the pristine joy of immersing in nocturnal adventures. Also, for a bulk of people with day jobs, it is easier to fit in a jog during the night. Hence, during the evening and night, they decide to hit a special kind of club in the evening, the health and fitness one.

Now, I count myself among those who have more energy during the night. The crack of dawn is not the time I feel like a morning lark. Besides, when the night falls, the streets and roads are empty, and serve as a solitary witness to your endeavors. You can avoid the peak morning rush and the daily hustle and bustle that way. And if you prefer the treadmill, there will be fewer people waiting in line, if any.

Also, there is this anything-goes vibe of the night many people adore. All cats are gray at night, you know, and this freedom is something that drives more and more people to outdoor fitness. Running is one of the best activities to melt the stress away and let go of frustrations accumulated during a tough day. Furthermore, one can steer clear of scorching sun rays, and run much more comfortably after the heat starts to vanish.

Safety concerns

Alas, that is also the reason why caution is prescribed. You have to suit up well and stay aware of your surroundings at all times. It is a good idea to start with a shorter trail, familiarize yourself with the terrain, and then go an extra mile. When it is black as a skillet, you are better off carrying a torch with you. Dimly lit trails can be dangerous, but if you take precautions such as having a phone around, you should be fine.

One other thing you need to note is that although traffic is not as busy as during the day, limited visibility can prove to be perilous. Fortunately, wearing reflective clothing tape and bright clothing helps drivers notice runners, allowing them to stay on the safe side. In any event, it would not be wise to explore uncharted territory or go through problematic neighborhoods alone.

Dream on

You might have heard that late exercise gives rise to insomnia and other sleeping problems. The body releases endorphins and other stimulants that prevent the body from feeling sleepy. Well, for some people this makes sense, but many studies have confirmed that night exercise increases sleeping times as well as the quality of sleep.  Namely, it turns out that night running catalyzes deep sleep, reducing the number of times you wake up at night.

Furthermore, there are some other amazing benefits of nighttime workouts. First off, research has found that muscular functions and strength go up as the sun climbs down the horizon. What is more, rich evidence suggests that oxygen uptake and utilization is enhanced in the evening. All in all, you are better warmed up, supplied with essential nutrients, and in the best shape to run. Just bear in mind that it is advisable to keep an eye on the watch, and leave some time between jogging and bedtime.

Under the veil of darkness

When the sun goes down, the stage is set for one peculiar type of people, the night running birds that do not have to fight the crowd and cope with traffic or heat. So, do not hesitate to join them, embrace the darkness, rewind, and de-stress. After that, you will be able to drift away to dreamland seamlessly and wake up bustling with energy. If the morning mojo works to your advantage, you should keep it going, but otherwise, give nighttime running a try and run like a dashing wind.

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