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Skewed Poll Results are Media Driven Nonsense: Don’t be Fooled

Skewed Poll Results are Media Driven Nonsense: Don’t be Fooled

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Skewed Poll Results

This has certainly been the wildest pre-election I have ever witnessed. It is important to understand a little something about polls, regardless of who you may be voting for .  The Clinton camp and one-sided media are acting as if the party is over. They want us to believe that polls prove Hilary is moving back into the white house with all the stuff she stole originally when she left. See that story here.

Many of the swings in the polls seem to be in favor of Hillary Clinton. What is important to understand about polls is that it is all a bunch of nonsense.  This is not some crazy accusation or conspiracy theory. This is about who the reader base is for that particular poll and who decided to participate in that poll that day.

What seems like a big change in public opinion turns out to be little more than changes in people’s inclination to respond to polls. (Slate.com)

When there was good news for Trump, more Republicans opted to respond to the poll; when Clinton was having a good hair day, Democrats were more likely to respond. The result was that small media dumps and insignificant events had the effect of amplifying small changes in the polls.

The media are using yet another tactic to try to sway public opinion and change votes from one candidate to another. They believe if the headlines sound like “Everyone is voting for Hilary as is obvious in such and such poll” then the herd mentality will kick in and everyone will head in that direction.  Or if someone is naïve enough to believe the ridiculous headlines and lies, they won’t want to be on the sinking ship.

“The wild poll swings we saw after the first debate and after the Donald Trump “Access Hollywood” tape was leaked were not a straightforward case of Trump did a poor job or Trump looked bad so fewer people now say they’ll vote for him. What happens in polling is that, if your candidate does something that makes him or her look bad, or that you don’t agree with, you’re less likely to want to answer poll questions about him – even if it’s anonymous. It doesn’t mean you still don’t support him. Just that right this minute, you really don’t want to talk about it.

This phenomenon was explained in definitive detail by Columbia University statistics Professor Andrew Gellman and Microsoft economist David Rothschild. But do you really need a professor to tell you that when things look bad for your candidate, you don’t want to talk about the election at all? Frankly, it’s just common sense.”  (http://www.msn.com/en-us/money/topstories/op-ed-why-those-polls-that-say-clinton-ahead-could-be-wrong/)

Timing is Everything

The carefully timed release of the “Access Hollywood” tapes changed the polls obviously. Trump voters had a reason to become a little more offline about their voting decision. This kind of mud-slinging and cat fighting that is being released at sonic speed every 5 minutes on all the major sites have many people tuning out the election noise and not participating in polls. Clinton for instance jumped to a 14-point lead over Trump in the NBC/Wall Street Journal poll the day after this released tape.  It then dropped to nine points in that exact same poll the next day. This is a perfect example of timing being everything in the world of polling as that is a crazy 36% swing in just 1 day. Another popular poll had Clinton ahead by seven points on Monday. Trump took the lead in that poll by Thursday morning by two points, which shows a 128% difference! Talk about skewed poll results…but the headlines always tell a different story.

Why do people take part in polls in your opinion? When I’m on a site with a poll, I often will participate because its the only way to actually see the results of that poll. What do you think about polls?

Sammy Clove is a freelance writer, aromatherapist and writes for Morocco All Natural Hair Method. You can visit her blog at AllNaturalHealthReviews.org.

And if the election has made it hard for you to fall asleep, you may enjoy: Are you Tired of Being Tired

Share Skewed Poll Results with your friends regardless of who they are voting for!

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