Soap Nuts: Washing Clothes Organically

Soap Nuts: Washing Clothes Organically

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Soap Nuts: Washing Clothes Organically

Technically a berry, soap nuts received their name because of their nut like appearances.  Native to India and Nepal soap nuts have been brought all over the globe and can be commonly found in both the Eastern and Western hemispheres.  Also known as “soapberry”, soap nuts contain a natural cleaning agent Saponin.  Saponin releases from the soap nuts creating natural surfactant foam which dissolves in water and removes both dirt and odors.  It is often mistaken that the entire soap nut is used for cleaning purposes but in fact it is actually the shell of the soap nut that contains Saponin and not the seed.


Soap nuts are collected organically from trees that typically contain no pesticides or other chemicals.  For resale purposes soap nuts are dried and de-seeded for the convenience of the user.  However, soap nuts can be collected naturally if nearby.  Soap nuts contain natural anti-bacterial properties, anti-fungal properties and anti-microbial properties and are completely safe to use with individuals who have a nut allergy as soap nuts are not technically a nut.


Alternative to Chemical Cleaners

For individuals who have sensitive skin soap nuts make a great alternative to mainstream chemical cleaners.  Many detergents and fabric softeners often contain chemicals that can be the cause for itchiness and even rashes on the skin especially if not thoroughly washed from the laundry.  Soap nuts have been around for centuries and are commonly used amongst environmentally friendly individuals and cultures.  Fortunately soap nuts are becoming increasingly popular amongst prepper and survival groups as well as organically minded groups and even economically minded groups.


Soap nuts are simple and extremely easy to use while washing clothes organically.  Begin by collecting five to six soap nuts and place them in a tied wash friendly bag.  Typically a small wash friendly bag can be found at any local natural and organically friendly store.  Let the soap nuts wash with the rest of the laundry through the entire wash cycle than take the bag out and let dry.  The Saponins will release throughout the wash cycles removing dirt and grime and eliminating odors.  The soap nuts in the wash bag can be used for up to 10 laundry loads saving much money on laundry detergent.


Other Uses for Soap Nuts

There are many common uses for soap nuts such as household cleaners that can be made from a soap nut liquid concentrate.  Since soap nuts have natural cleaning agents in the Saponins this makes soap nuts a great tool to be used in every part of the household.  A liquid concentrate derived from soap nuts is safe to use to clean food and even clean rooms such as the bathroom specifically toilets and even floors.  Soap nuts are great as a cleaning solution that they can fight against yeast, black mold, salmonella, staph and even E. Coli.



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