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The Big Calcium Dilemma

The Big Calcium Dilemma

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 How many of you have been told: “Calcium builds strong bones?” I have been fed this lie many times, and it still continues to plague parents, kids, and healthcare professionals. One of the big common lies is – Milk helps build strong bones; but scientific evidence has shown quite the contrary. “But Mommy, Mommy, the man on TV said that kids always drink milk for sports,” says the oblivious child. Milk contains the casein protein which is indigestible by humans and will accumulate in trace mineral being deposited at of our bones.  During my high school years, I had a decent physical educator. However, the curriculum about bone health and bone structure was quite flawed not to mention form on the demonstration exercises that were done during class. My most persistent memory of this class took place in 2009 where the Physical Education instructor stated that bones were made up two minerals 99% calcium and 1% phosphorus, to this day this logic made no sense since bones are made of many essential trace minerals which I will showcase later.


Robert Thompson coined the term “Calcium hardens Concrete!” This is evidently true since calcium hardens every crucial organ in your body. No! I do not mean the way you’re thinking…. But seriously, calcium seems to be one of the major paradigm shifts that are jeopardizing the health of many people throughout the nation. You should ask yourself this question “Do people who consume calcium supplements and fortified calcium foods have lower risks for brittle bones and fractures?” The answer is no since excess calcium is dumped as gravel-like deposits in the arteries, eyes, brain. The Calcium Myth seems to get stranger when Walter Willett, the chairman of nutrition at Harvard stated that boosting calcium intake will not prevent fractures, in fact, the contrary has proven true. Walter helped found the Nurses health Study which looked into the risk factors of chronic disease in 122,000 women which concluded that the highest calcium intake of dairy products weakened bone mineral density.


With all the emphasis on retrieving calcium, why are so many people at risk for osteoporosis, osteopenia, and osteoarthritis? The most accurate answer I can think of is that human beings in the 21st century are becoming devoid of our essential trace minerals. The elderly commonly suffer from brittle bones, and bone fracture issues and have been told by their doctors that calcium supplements are needed to ease their pain. By doing this, you are jeopardizing your health since excess calcium can disrupt vital organ processes by causing kidney and gallstones, calcified arterial plaque, brain dysfunction, and early onset of dementia. Like all of our healthcare issues, classes of different drugs are involved. The calcium epidemic is managed with drugs known as Bisphosphonate’s which causes side effects like irritation of the esophagus, increases the risk of atrial fibrillation (inefficient heartbeats), deprives bones of their needed mineral to stay strong and sturdy.  Since the elderly suffer from osteo-issues and Alzheimer’s why isn’t this a widespread topic talked about among many holistic health sources? Well, Let me break this all down for you…


We are made up of three components; Water, the Periodic table, and microbes. The Periodic table comes to mind since trace minerals are after all play a huge role in the periodic table. How did this healthcare crisis with bone health start? In 1876, the invention of the refrigerator was a major downfall for human health since sea and rock salts were used to preserve vegetables, meats, and other foods. The idea here is that rock and sea salt are largely ignored in our modern society since salt is associated with high blood pressure but this is the case with table salt. Chemical fertilizers are also a factor in depleting the soil in which our food grows which acts as a mineral disrupter for the soil. Doctors are even unaware of the fact that increased calcium intake does not improve bone mineral density. I wonder why they call out it Bone mineral density rather than bone calcium density? I think we now know this answer to this…

Sea salt contained the necessary ionic trace minerals we needed to keep our mineral levels high. Since genetically modified foods have made it impossible to get all the nutrition, humans need we must supplement with ionic trace mineral supplements, and make sure they are water soluble.  The ideal nutrition is to follow a diet that is virtually free from pesticides, having livestock raised in a vitally enriched environment where the sun, soil, grass are void of spraying with chemicals, making sure plant foods are vine ripened for maximal nutritional content.  The great Doctor Linus Pauling, once said: “Every disease can always be traced back to a mineral deficiency.” This is what Bones are made of, along with 64 other minerals which can be found in the periodic table… I will only be discussing a couple of minerals needed to give you a basic understanding of bone health. Understand that the minerals mentioned improve general health and not just bone health.

Calcium- found in dairy products, vegetables, meat, and is one of the many trace minerals needed for bone health

Zinc- assists in the removal of osteoclasts in our bones. Deficiency in this key mineral can delay bone growth, development, and maintenance, and promotes functional metabolism. Zinc rich foods are spinach, organ meat, broccoli, Wheat germ Oil, etc.

Selenium- acts as an antioxidant thus a protecting agent for oxidation and free radicals. Selenium improves the immune system by increasing white blood cell count, improves heart health and prevents plaque buildup and chances of stroke

Silica- assists in the bone growth process and it crucial bone growth essential for children to have. Berries, beans, and rhubarb are all rich sources of zinc.

Potassium- assists in neutralizing metabolic acids and reduces chances of calcification in the arteries and urine. It will prevent muscle weakness, paralysis, and fatigue.

Magnesium- helps to activate muscles and energy levels by increasing ATP levels. Magnesium will also prevent muscle spasms. Magnesium is found in nuts, seeds, fruit and dark chocolate.

Phosphorus- is an essential component which assures proper cell functions, which also uses cellular processes to make ATP. About 85% of phosphorus is found in the bones.  Deficiency in this key mineral can cause rickets, sickle cell anemia, muscle weakness, etc.

Chromium- maintains normal metabolism and the storage of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, and is a key factor in preventing heart disease. Brewer’s yeast, broccoli, grape juice, meat and whole-grain products are all excellent sources.

Boron- helps to boost brain function, prevents arthritis and joint deterioration, aids in assists in the production of vitamin D and muscle tissue. Some foods that contain boron are beans, berries, oranges, plums, etc.

Manganese-  is a component of super oxide dismutase which fights against free radicals. It assists in building connective tissue, bones, blood-clotting factors and sex hormones. This key mineral is found in whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

Sulfur- otherwise known as MSM(methylsulfonylmethane) which assists in joint health and forms connective tissues like cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. Sulfur is found in some fruits and vegetables, and horsetail.

Iron- essential in creating hemoglobin, it is found in every cell in the body. Hemoglobin and myoglobulin are found in muscle cells and is required to transport oxygen to the cells and enzymes.

Copper- utilizes iron and assures proper enzymatic reactions, energy production, and regular heart rhythms. Copper is found in fruits, nuts, and seeds and some grains.


With all this talk of salt, wouldn’t table salt fall into the same category? Table salt has been manufactured and stripped of all the essential minerals needed for good health. Table salt will elevate blood pressure, cause issues with metabolism, liver and kidney damage along with a myriad of other health problems. Certain additives are added like Ferro cyanide, silica-aluminate, and MSG which is an excitotoxin to excite brain cells to death.  To obtain proper salt intake make sure Himalayan salt, full-spectrum sea salt, and gray salt are bought to assure electrolyte and mineral balance. I think it’s about time we’ve achieved Mineral equality! No, OK that wasn’t funny. Components in our body are all supposed to work together to create energy, vitality, thus creating harmony for our body to thrive on. Our modern healthcare crisis had led us to fail health since many of our dietary needs have been stripped away and have been added with excess debris that is not required for our body to consume. We have all these terms like fortified, enriched, refined, all natural to label food, but they masquerade as alternative foods for better health when they can be just as bad as plain old processed junk.


A specific test that can accurately measure mineral levels in the blood is the HTMA(Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Test). This test is done by taking a strand of your hair, thus being more efficient. I attended the TTAC Ultimate Live Symposium and had the privilege of listening to Mike Adams presentation on Bio-sludge and the workings of his lab. He mentioned that he tests mercury levels in the body through examining strands of hair which sparked this issue of this specific test that needs attention. I spoke to him briefly about excess calcium in the body and how it leads to a variety of health problems which inspired me to write this piece on calcium. I would highly recommend everyone to get this test since it is the most overlooked in medical science and can provide lifesaving information to get our health back. I strongly suggest you, the reader visits your healthcare provider and inquire about this test since only a healthcare professional can request this test.

This is probably the most controversial topic since we have the biggest healthcare crisis than any other country in the world. We spend trillions of dollars on healthcare and the proper solutions to greatly ease the disease epidemic. All diseases have their ranking, but heart disease is the number one killer in the United States. Calcium I believe is a big proponent of this, since research does show the connection between Obesity, Hypertension, Diabetes, Dementia, etc.  To broaden understanding of this topic, please read “The Calcium Lie” by Robert Thompson, who seems to be the only doctor I know that makes this topic well clarified. I was shocked to discover yet another ignored healthcare crisis by a topic that is largely misunderstood. My advice is to strive to obtain organic foods, go to your farmers market and acquaint yourself with the farmers and inquire about growing procedures. Adequate nutrition can assure proper mineral intake since the foods have the lowest amount of pesticides, and refined/enriched process. To find out more information on Bone mineral density tests and access to your foundation of good health click the link below!


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