The Easy Peasy Way To Say Bye Bye To Cancer

The Easy Peasy Way To Say Bye Bye To Cancer

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Please understand that when I write I am only targeting and attacking those that need to be targeted or attacked because of mistreatments and utter disregard for the true and sincere heling of people.

The American people are agonized, ill, sick, diseased and exploited, hanging on the cross of despair and brainwashed into accepting the maliciously cruel malpractice of an incompetent, negligent, impersonal, and ignorantly schooled American medical community.

We are sedated, drugged, needled, burned and cut, then left to die, uncured, by a self-proclaimed savior and benevolent father figure – the American medical doctor.

The truth concerning cancer and all other major diseases has been outlawed in America. Millions of Americans who hopelessly suffer from cancer or other major diseases are entitled to the truth.

In Europe, Mexico and other countries, countless numbers of cancer sufferers are being restored to vibrant health by natural methods employed by medical doctors working harmoniously with the laws of nature.

That cause of cancer, its prevention and the effective therapy to eliminate it has been known for hundreds of years by those not being subjected to “hookerism” by Big Pharma.

The U.S. Government, the American Cancer Society, the American Medical Association, and untold numbers of other highly endowed foundations and organizations waste billions of dollars in meaningless research, forever making believe to discover a “miracle drug” that will annihilate a cancer causing virus or agent that does not exist. The American medical world continues to emphasize their tireless efforts to finding a cure for this nightmare of suffering.

When the AMA says there is no cure for cancer, they are correct. But, although cancer cannot be cured, it can be eliminated by a cancer victim’s own body’s healing process.

Your body is the greatest doctor in the world and can heal itself of any chemistry imbalance and bring it back to vital health if given the proper conditions, proper nutrition, and adequate elimination.

Your body is capable of eliminating all impurities from within by itself, can detoxify, purify, regenerate, rejuvenate, and restore itself to complete equilibrium, and will do so if given the chance.

The American medical community has successfully brainwashed all levels of American society, from the layman to many of the most learned scientists, to believe the erroneous assumption that no one knows what causes cancer or how to eliminate it.

The American people accept the American medical profession as the world authority on human survival. So, when they are sentenced to death by a diagnosis of cancer, they bite their tongues, shit in their pants, suffer quietly, and hopelessly die alone.

The American medical world has deviously blown the word “cancer” out of all reasonable proportion. Psychologically, to a person who has been diagnosed as having developed cancer, it might just as well be a sentence to death.

The shock is utterly devastating to a cancer victim. Brainwashed thoroughly, most people believe and accept the lie that cancer is the point of no return. So, they give up, stop fighting, and die. What a saddening outcome of a precious life.

But, the American medical profession says while we cannot cure cancer, we can soothe it with tranquilizers, we can poison it with drugs, we can burn it with x-rays, we can shoot it with needles, we can destroy the tissues, both negative and positive, with chemical agents, and if it doesn’t respond, then we cut it out with our trusty scalpel. Thank God there is a solution and all is not lost.

The attitude of the AMA is understandable. Having seized the seat on the right hand of God, and having deviously and knowingly brainwashed a captive American audience into believing its very survival depends on its savior – the American medical community – and after being instrumental in the U.S. Government legislating against any natural healing methods, is it any wonder that the American medical profession can do as it damn well pleases, within the law, which they also helped write, and not be held responsible to anyone?

The American medical system is a profit-oriented, monopolistic organization built on the principle of the more sickness, the more profit. That being the case, the elimination of disease, be it cancer or whatever, is contrary to the basic economic interests of our Big Pharma-medical-hospital-industry complex.

Disease is big business generating hundreds of billions dollars a year. There is no profit in healthy people. Keep ‘em sick, keep ‘em coming back, and laugh all the way to the bank.

What happened to the Hippocratic oath that medical doctors swear to? Why isn’t nutrition and biological hygiene part of the curriculum in the medical schools? Because the pharmaceutical industry pays for the curriculum in those schools!

Cancer is a treacherous disease! It grows insidiously over the years from auto-intoxication and self poisoning brought on by the denatured and devitalized dead food and putrefying flesh that a person eats, which the human body eventually cannot tolerate because it is poisonous.

Our giant food industry processes out the life-giving properties from most of the food you buy from your modern supermarket, aka the food cemeteries, leaving it dead. The life-giving chemicals and enzymes from pure, natural, alive food keeps your blood stream pure. But, when you continually consume denatured, devitalized, preserved, pasteurized, additive-laden junk food, your bodily system becomes poisoned beyond bodily toleration, and guess what? Cancer symptoms appear.

To add insult to injury, after you purchase this dead garbage to poison yourself with, to be sure it’s dead, you cook it and set up another infection-point in your intestines when you eat it. Then, because of all the organs of elimination – lungs, liver, kidneys, skin, and bowels – your system becomes poisoned and the poisons accumulate around the weakest organs and guess what? Cancer symptoms appear.

Let me put one thing in perspective: the human form is an herbivorous form. That means it is designed to eat plant-based foods. Let me put this into perspective.

The human saliva is alkaline. Plant based foods are alkaline. When you chew plant-based foods, which come in contact with the saliva, that foods break down and you can almost drink what you are eating. Plant-based foods leave the body within three days.

When you eat flesh based foods, those foods are acidic. When the acidic foods mix with the alkaline saliva, nothing happens. So, you chew and chew and chew, and when you suck out all the blood and seasonings you swallow that acidic piece of flesh.

We know that flesh-based foods contain GMOs, antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, the ground up remains of the dead, dying, decaying, and diseased animals not fit for sale, mercury, PCBs, fluoride, toxic wastes, radiation and more.

The dairy is pasteurized and cooked to death containing no nutrients whatsoever and just liquid fat.

One egg gives the body more protein consumed than the body needs in a whole day. To offset this incredible amount of protein the body needs calcium. Where would the body get the calcium? How about the bones? Osteoarthritis anyone? Oh yeah, flesh foods leave the body in about six or seven days. That being the case, where do all those poisons go? How about the bloodstream and all the organs in the body? Gee, how could I ever get cancer?

Cancer develops when putrefaction is rampant and all encompassing. The body’s plumbing system clogs up beyond the body’s toleration point. Drugs, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy only inhibit putrefaction (poison) elimination. Drugging cancer pain interrupts elimination, preventing the body from excreting its own wastes. Doping a diseased body with poison drugs is not only senseless but criminal.

So, if you are what you eat and you don’t make the change to eat what the body is designed to eat, and shit happens, it’s entirely on you.


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