The Mainstream Media: The Masters of Deceit

The Mainstream Media: The Masters of Deceit

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The mainstream media has mastered the “science of deceit”.

The mainstream media, not only being a hooker for the pharmaceutical industry, regularly reports on the “dangers” of herbal remedies and supplements. But, what is the reported number of people who have died from using herbs and supplements?

According to the FDA, between 1993 and 1998, federal, state, and local agencies reported a total of 184 deaths, most of which were associated with weight loss formulas.

Compare that to the reported number of people who die in hospitals because of the side effects of properly and improperly prescribed pharmaceutical drugs: more than 100,000 or so. You can add another 100,000 or so to that the number of patients killed in hospitals because of “medical errors”.

Here are some truths about the “scientific” testing of pharmaceutical drugs that you are probably not aware of:

*The drug manufacturers themselves supply the research information contained in the Physicians’ Desk Reference.

*The FDA approves drugs by simply reviewing studies submitted by the drug manufacturers.

*A drug manufacturer needs to submit only two studies showing satisfactory results to get a drug approved by the Fraud and Drug Administration (even if there are more studies showing the drug causes adverse reactions in an unacceptably high number of cases?)

*Most of the articles discussing the efficacy of drugs that are published in medical journals are studies paid for by the drug manufacturer.

*The New York Times reported that the academic scientists listed as lead authors are often just “window dressing”, lending credibility to papers that are really the work of drug companies.

*A study conducted by USA Today found that more than half of the experts hired to advise the government on the safety and effectiveness of medicine had a direct financial interest in the drug or topic they were asked to evaluate.

*An analysis of financial conflicts of interest at 159 FDA advisory committee meetings from 1998 through 2000, found that at 92% of the meetings at least one member had a financial conflict of interest, while at 55% of meetings, half or more of the FDA advisors had conflicts of interest.

*An article in the New York Times revealed that the pharmaceutical industry spent $177 million on lobbying in 1999 and 2000. That’s $50 million more than their nearest rival, the insurance industry.

*Big Pharma employs more lobbyists (625) than there are members of Congress, and more than half of the lobbyists are former members of Congress, congressional staff members, or government employees.

Reform will only come from you and how you spend your money. Get informed, take responsibility for your own health, and choose your doctors and medicines wisely.

Start an exercise program, no matter how basic. Those things below your waist are called legs. If you put one before the other it’s called walking. Do it for distance and do it for speed. When your body gets used to it, increase your distance and speed.

Eliminate saturated fat from your diet, which is found in everything that had a face and a mother and milk products.

Eliminate fiberless white flour products and white rice and stay away from “junk foods”.

Eat more vegetable salads, whole grains and natural foods with fiber. Drink more water than soda (soda creates an acidic condition in the body and we all know what acid does).

Buy organically grown foods and buy no products that contain pesticides, additives, stabilizers, preservatives, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, or GMOs.

Remember, there is a link between aluminum cookware and Alzheimer’s disease. Above all, remember, “if man made it, don’t eat it”!

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