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The Science behind Vitamin K and the association with heart health

The Science behind Vitamin K and the association with heart health

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Myths and Truths

Do you ever wonder what it takes to achieve long-term heart health for longevity and wellness?  Experts tend to give a varied theme of causes from sugar, saturated fat, hydrogenated oils, but for the most part cholesterol takes the hit. While hydrogenated oils,sugars and other manufactured foods are known to do this, cholesterol is an ubiquitous lipid found throughout the body. In turn, it  produces many hormones in the body as well as being a synthesizer for vitamin D and steroid hormones which are necessary components for optimal heart health. Vitamin K is a little known vitamin with amazing benefits that if obtained in proper amounts to improve heart health and in the case of any arterial bleeding.  For this article, I will be discussing mostly cardiovascular issues since there is a rich amount of evidence to support this.

Since the brain is 60% fat which is mostly cholesterol, our body must make it in order to function.  Dr. AL Sears, the leading pioneer of Anti-Aging Medicine provided me with vital information to destroy the nutrition myths that currently perplex modern society. Before I get into this topic is that we must realize that Vitamin K has two subsets K1 and K2. These vitamins surprisingly enough are not just helpful for not only heart health but for osteopenia, osteoporosis, along with many different cancers. Since trace minerals with calcium will be depleted, risks for brittle bones, and fractures may occur. Vitamin K can actually work well with cholesterol to prevent arterial bleeding and aid in blood clotting to assure clear passageways for platelets to pass through.

Food For Thought

The history of Vitamin K began in the early 1930s by Danish biochemist Henrik Dam.  Dam examined chickens who were on a low fat diet.  The chickens began to fall ill and and as a result suffered hemorrhages because their blood was unable to clot properly. These chickens have been fed specific foods like liver and greens, but yet it wasn’t a nutritional deficiency as he once thought. American researcher Edward Doisey began to isolate the specifics of vitamin K and analyze it’s structure. The key word in all of this is coagulation which is to stop the arteries from excessively bleeding, thus preventing blood loss, which is what Dam and Doisy called this nutrient. There are many forms of vitamin K but it is crucial that we understand the two main essential ones. The K vitamin in generally does not have a complex structure and major role associations with health like other vitamins like B12, D, C, etc.

The Two Main stages

Vitamin K1 or also known as Phylloquinone helps activate special proteins called clotting factors which help the blood form clots. Vitamin K1 is absolutely essential to cessating excessive bleeding from our arteries. Where is this essential vitamin found? Vitamin K1 is found in rich photosynthetic plants meaning they have derived their optimal chlorophyll content. K1 stimulates the mitochondrial process of the cells inside the plant by carrying electrons in the cell membrane similar to how CoQ10 (coenzyme 10) works. K1 is found primarily in plant foods like green leafy vegetables, kiwifruit and vegetable oils(which are hydrogenated and detrimental to the body). Vitamin K1 is necessary for the production of vitamin K2 using your gut microbes. As many health conscious people can tell GMO foods are nutritionally devoid of minerals and vitamins.

The Process

Let’s move on to Vitamin K2 which is known as menaquinone which is essential to moving the trace mineral calcium in the bones around the body, thus improving heart health.  Vitamin K is useful for activating a protein known as MGP which prevents arterial hardening, this process is known as carboxylation. Excess calcium can in fact leave deposits in the arteries which causes high blood pressure, hypertension and heart disease. Surprisingly enough 98% of people are deficient in this key nutrient to keep their blood clotting stable. Our primal ancestors got plenty of this nutrient since they fed on organic clean foods like their meat, vegetables, fruit, nuts, oils and fat foods. This key vitamin assists in slowing down inflammation and oxidation in the body which are the real precursors to heart disease. Cholesterol helps protect the arteries from irritation and inflammation so it is necessary for vitamin K2 to work together with this wondrous waxy lipid substance in case of heart problems. Getting enough vitamin K2 will assure adequate platelet and immune function.

Cholesterol Helps Vitamin K2

I briefly talked about cholesterol and the heart health connection, but why does it get so much slack? The truth is cholesterol helps to protect your arteries from bleeding. The only time cholesterol causes a problem is when it is oxidized and when Low density lipoproteins are elevated by consuming highly processed fatty foods and oils. Vitamin K2 is rich mostly in animal foods with natto being the only known plant food for being rich in K2. Animal foods consist mainly of cholesterol and saturated fat, so it is crucial to obtain grass-fed free range meat. Kate Rheaume Blueue’s book “Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox” explains that atherosclerosis refers to the deposit of calcium, fatty substances and scar tissue builds up in the inner lining of an artery.  The K vitamins assist in easing cardiovascular issues, bone issues, and decrease the risks of many different cancers.

A Piece of Advice and Action

To prove Vitamin K’s efficacy among patients with health problems, population studies were done to examine a connection between K2 and risk of heart disease. One of them being the Rotterdam study examined 4600 men ages 55 and older in the Netherlands and they found that the men with the highest intake of vitamin K2 had a 52% lower risk of arterial calcification, 41% lower risk of coronary artery disease, and in general 26% lower risk of mortality. With all of this evidence, we must first rethink our current eating and supplementing habits. Are we getting the proper nutrition and supplementation? I will give you direct access to the link to access this key information on heart health today!

 List and Nutritional Content of Foods

Content of Foods

VITAMIN K2 and Micrograms

Natto (1/2 ounce)
200 mcg

Goose liver (3.5 ounces)
369 mcg

Gouda or Brie cheese (1 ounce)
75 mcg

Egg yolks
approx. 32 mcg/yolk

Beef liver (1 cup)
5 mcg

Chicken liver
3 mcg

Content of Foods
Vitamin K1 and Micrograms

Green Leaf Lettuce, 1 cup 2 oz
97.2 mcg

Broccoli, cooked, 1 spear 1 oz
52.2 mcg

Spinach, raw 1 leaf 1/3 oz
48.3 mcg

Celery, raw, 1 cup 4 oz
35.2 mcg

Avocado 1 oz
6.0 mcg

Kiwifruit, 1 medium 2 ½ oz
30.6 mcg

Blueberries, frozen, 1 cup 9 oz
40.7 mcg


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Kate Rhéaume-Bleue – Vitamin K2 and the calcium Paradox, J. Wiley & Sons Canada – 2012

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