What You Need To Know About Thyroid Function

What You Need To Know About Thyroid Function

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The Thyroid gland is a vital hormonal gland which plays a role in metabolism, growth, and maturation of the human body. Stagnation in function with this butterfly shaped organ can provide serious consequences. Unfortunately, The American Thyroid Association states that 12% of the US population will suffer from thyroid dysfunction. The Environment and food quality in the United States are absolutely critical for our overall health in addition to triggering on, and off switches in our body, and in the case of thyroid, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Doctors are often perplexed that their patients have a thyroid problem. The problem is that allopathic practitioners don’t run enough tests or offer enough treatment option preferably about diet and lifestyle since many of illnesses today can be prevented by diet, lifestyle changes, and exercise implementation.


The thyroid gland is absolutely essential for every cell in your entire body. Every cell has a unique receptor for the thyroid hormone, and no cell can function without it. Deficiency and overactive thyroid hormones play a critical role in sickness and disrupting physical and mental capacities. Significant Deficiencies (Hypothyroidism) in thyroid function can drastically slow down metabolism. Other side effects include depression, constipation, fatigue, and brain fog, aches, and dry skin. Overactive thyroid (Hyperthyroidism) can cause restlessness, anxiety, diarrhea, followed by muscle weakness and tremors. This is what is known as Graves disease. Graves disease is usually managed with synthetic thyroid hormones with Synthroid being the most popular prescription from the MD. It can be very dangerous if not given optimal dosages since a variety of side effects can occur like impaired fertility, irregular heartbeat, muscle weakness, sleeplessness, vomiting.  Detoxification and diet are crucial in helping rid of the issues that are plaguing your thyroid. Adequate levels of hormone D(vitamin D), will aid in good health and prevent multiple sclerosis, hypertension, cancer diabetes, depression. Hormone D will assure a functional endocrine system and will prevent toxins and pollutants from affecting the thyroid gland.


The Thyroid produces three important hormones through the TSH which are T3, T4, and calcitonin. Calcitonin which regulates calcium and bone metabolism all made possible by the thyroid stimulating hormone. TSH(Thyroid Stimulating hormone) is synthesized by the pituitary gland in our brain which is also needed to produce offspring and breast milk to nourish said offspring. Excess Calcium can lead to heart disease, dementia, hypertension, and kidney damage, and the wondrous thyroid hormone can regulate and fix this process. Thyroid hormones are essential for the growth, development, and maturation of children. Such growth factors include Somatomedins (skeletal growth), erythropoietin which is the formation of red blood vessels, Nerve growth factor, and growth of the epidermal layer. The hypothalamus is the brain region responsible for the thyroid resting hormone which measures the level of thyroid hormone and regulates its production. The thyroid along with T3 and T4 works with many nutrients to help it function and perform its many ubiquitous functions. All of these nutrient factors can be supplemented if are absolutely necessary.

                Selenium- is an essential component in assisting TSH in making T4 convert to T3. Selenium removes cellular debris that may be detrimental to thyroid health by combating free radicals and oxidation.

                Iodine- is one of the building blocks for the thyroid hormone and it is found in seaweed, saltwater fish, high-quality multivitamin or supplements. It is considered one of the most important nutrients to fix hypothyroidism/hyperthyroidism.

                Iron- is needed to convert iodide to iodine as well as the conversion of T4 to T3. It is found in animal foods, dark green vegetables, and could be used as a multivitamin supplement

                Omega 3 fats- needed for cellular development, immune system health, maintaining cell integrity so T3 can enter the cells. Pull harmful oxidized trans-fat molecules out of adipose tissue and helps reduce high blood pressure, hypertension

                Zinc- is responsible for aiding many critical systems of health nervous, skeletal, gastrointestinal health. Aid’s in hypothalamus receptors and assures it’s optimal functioning. Zinc can be found in seafood, green vegetables, organ meat, and supplements

                Vitamin D3- absolutely necessary for human life, essential for heart, health, relieves depression, promotes regular blood sugar levels. D3 is achieved mainly from the sun and found in small concentrations in mushrooms, cheese, seafood, and supplements.

                B vitamins- aids in helping the immune system function, regulates hormones, prevent defects and aids in bone and nervous system health.

                Vitamin A- Needed for healthy immune function and general well-being. It is found in many fruits and vegetables and liver.

                Tyrosine- an amino acid made from iodine, and it acts as a building block for the thyroid hormones.



There are many solutions to fixing thyroid issues. Humans must consume nutrients needed for optimal health which means getting iodine, selenium, zinc, iron, vitamin D, Omega 3s, and B vitamins. I would first consume whole fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, along with full-spectrum sea salt. Consume a whole foods plant-based diet and eliminate animal protein, and consider supplementing with vitamin B12. If you must consume animal protein, purchase grass fed sources. Taking Curcumin supplements or raw turmeric root can protect the body from virtually all diseases. Those with sensitivity to gluten and dairy should avoid them.  This is a complicated issue since wheat has been a thriving tool for civilizations. The underlying problem is that certain genetic types are intolerant to wheat through zonulin. Zonulin is the molecule which interferes in tight intercellular junctions that are involved in trafficking of macromolecules and, therefore, irregular immune response balance. Zonulin encourages the intestines to expand which allows pathogens, pollutants, toxins, and other debris to affect our gut microbiome. Gluten is known to cause celiac disease, and celiac psychosis, so it is recommended that you avoid it if you are suffering from thyroid issues. One needs to evaluate their levels of stress and find ways to relieve their said stress if experienced to excess. Reduce your exposure to toxins and test some heavy metals in the water supply.



Fluoride is a component in water, antibiotics; toothpaste causes a myriad of health problems. Fluoride can calcify arteries and cause heart disease. It can increase the risk of developing tumors in the mouth and thyroid. Fluoride is overall detrimental to human health however impairing thyroid function can lead to In addition to producing side effects like the ones mentioned above and much more…  This is only one out of many endocrine disrupters that disrupt thyroid function. Chlorine, a disinfectant in water supply has an oxidizing effect of killing organic molecules in our body. It is commonly found in plastics, insecticides, and other manufactured cleaning products. Oxidation is particularly a disease-causing process that looks to destroy our immune system and our overall health by causing disease. Bromine is a flame-retardant commonly found in furniture, upholstery, and even in gluten free products. Bromine can cause the breakdown of iodine, thus causing iodine deficiency.




To wrap this up, I encourage you the reader to pick up the book “The Thyroid Connection,” by Amy Myers. This book will instruct you which tests to order to detect for hypo or hyperthyroidism. Myers has developed a unique protocol in healing your symptoms, which is a 28-day program you can go over with a functional medicine practitioner to help assure your specific needs and/or concerns or questions. Try finding a co-patient, a supportive online or in person community, family member, priest, Imam, Rabbi to provide you with optimism and advice if they or someone they know has suffered from thyroid issues. Expand your horizons in the field of health by picking up books by well-established doctors to give you a great understanding of how to care for yourself and save yourself from added stress and medical bills. Be aware that the environment and lifestyle choices will affect your general health and your ability to function. It seems like all of these toxins are right next to us wherever we go…. We need to detoxify our bodies at least every day if possible and find ways to prevent toxins from impacting our physiological health





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