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“Who Rules Over You?—Just Ask Who You Can’t Sue!”

“Who Rules Over You?—Just Ask Who You Can’t Sue!”

When American soldiers sustain battlefield injuries from faulty military hardware, should they be allowed to sue the hardware manufacturers?  According to one Congressman, “No,” and this has civil rights groups openly accusing Congress and the defense industry of being in cahoots.  

Congressman Mike Acheron, (D) Sacramento, Calif., recently introduced a bill that would eliminate a soldier’s ability to sue companies that manufacturer defective battlefield munitions.  Entitled, “The Safe Battlefield Act of 2017,” the bill would forbid personal injury lawsuits against private companies that manufacture defective military hardware.  

Instead of suing companies like General Dynamics, Lockheed, or Haliburton in a regular courthouse, servicemen and women alleging injuries from defective munitions would be required to sue in a special courthouse – with no judges or juries.  Said Congressman Acheron, “Instead of soldiers being sue-happy, the Act creates a more streamlined process to facilitate the needs of our young men and women who may sustain injuries on those rare occasions when they may have encountered allegedly defective battlefield munitions.”

But some veterans groups say that battlefield injuries from negligently designed explosives are far more common than we are led to believe.  One group, Veterans Injured by Negligent Explosives, (“VINE”), says that battlefield injuries too often go unreported. 

VINE claims that the defense industry intentionally minimizes the nature and extent of battlefield injuries caused by defective explosives.  VINE Founder, Rebecca D. Aubrey, says, “The Army has a reporting system for injuries caused by defective munitions, but the truth is, there’s no consequence for not reporting, which basically means that nobody’s reporting these injuries.”  Aubrey adds, “And the reality is – they just wanna keep it all hush-hush.”    

PFC Audie Murphy, U.S. Army, argues: “There’s no such thing as a safe explosive.”  While serving in Kandahar, Pvt. Murphy lost his right leg in an incident involving an allegedly defective landmine.  Pvt. Murphy says: “If we can’t sue these corporations for their unsafe products, then there’s no incentive for them to make their products any safer.”

The Obama Administration and the War Department show vigorous support for the proposed restrictions on suing the defense industry.  An unidentified State Dept. spokesperson was quoted as saying: “The Earth is round, the sky is blue, and America’s battlefield munitions are both safe and effective.”   

But according to civil rights firebrand, attorney T. Matthew Phillips, the proposed law is unconstitutional.  “The Seventh Amendment guarantees the people’s fundamental right to file lawsuits,” says Phillips, adding, “C’mon!—if our battlefield explosives were truly safe, like the industry claims, then there’d be no need for Congress to immunize the industry from lawsuits in the first place!”

Phillips compares the proposed law to the Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, which forbids personal injury lawsuits against vaccine makers.  “All battlefield explosives – just like all vaccines – are unavoidably unsafe,” claims Phillips, “These companies should be required to face jury trials and class action lawsuits – to keep ‘em honest — because the government won’t!”

The proposed bill is now in the Armed Services Committee…

[Yes, this piece is satire!!  Attorney, T. Matthew Phillips, writes to expose the hypocrisy, fraud, and oppression of the Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 – which forbids lawsuits against vaccine makers!!  If you’re furious about this, then sue to overturn the law! <<<< And THAT is not sarcasm.  We urge others – fight to retain your freedom!!  Sue vaccine makers for vaccine injuries!  Don’t wait for someone else!!  Be the brave plaintiff who changes the course of history!  ::::::: Attorney, T. Matthew Phillips and RevoltRevokeRestore.com are now suing the State of California to stop mandatory vaccination!  The Calif. Court of Appeals will soon determine whether it’s legal for the State to mandate products known to come with appreciable risk of great bodily harm!  Folks – things will never change merely by “liking” and “sharing” on Facebook.  We all should be in court fighting to protect our custodial rights as parents!  Join us in this fight!!  Hire a lawyer and sue Jerry Brown today!]



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