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There are 30 Capsules per Bottle. We Recommend 2 Capsules, Twice a Day for the First 10 days, and 1 Capsule, Twice a Day Thereafter. Therefore, We Recommend the
“Laminine 3 Pack” or “Family Pack Plus” Below.
I Myself Take 2 Capsules in the Morning and 2 or 1 in the Evening.

Become a Member and Order 1 of the 4 Packs Below and I’ll Call or E-Mail You
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Retail Price: 30 capsules for $45.95 or 120 capsules for $180.95 shipping included

Most of the people that try Laminine® later become a distributor so they can buy at wholesale.

30 Capsules per bottle or 120 capsule bottle.
Recommended dosage first 10 days 2 caps in the morning and 2 caps in the evening.
I myself I take 2 capsules in the morning and 1 at night 🙂

Sign Up For Wholesale > There are NO Fees to be a
Distributor or Wholesale Member.

NO Contract (Month-to-Month), SSN, or DOB Required

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Shipping and handling included with All membership packages.

*3 Bottle Minimum First Order (No Monthly Minimum Order Required Thereafter)

If You Don’t Want to Accidentally Run Out of Laminine® Select the Auto-Shipment Option.
Auto-Shipment is Cancelable at Any Time.

Purchase your Basic Starter Pack of 3 Boxes of Laminine® and unlock your body’s secret to perfect health. Begin sharing Laminine® and earn commissions while doing so as well using your personalized website and professional Back Office. There are no fees to be a distributor.

  • Just order 3 Boxes of Laminine®
    (Become Wholesale Member)
  • You then can order at wholesale
    prices in any quantities!

  • 9 Boxes of Laminine® & 1 Free
    Box = 10 boxes
  • 29 Laminine® Brochures
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  • 20 Boxes of Laminine®
    (2 Free)
  • 40 Laminine®
  • Personalized Website
  • Professional Virtual


 Edge Plus+ Promotion
$1199 plus $39.95 S&H – 200 CV ($1,238.95)

  • 40 Boxes of Laminine®
    (4 Free)
  • 40 Laminine®
  • Choice of 1
    Marketing Set* The
    Business Set
    The Athletic Set
  • Personalized Website
  • Professional Virtual

Larger Image

The Business Set

  • Personalized
    Business Cards
    (Set of 100)
  • 6 Pens
  • 2GB USB

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The Athletic Set


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