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Energy and Physical Strength
“To be successful, you have to be persistent, believe in yourself and love the company and product you are involved in. I have been through seven months of therapy to improve my health, and I believe Laminine assisted in my recovery by allowing me to sleep well and maintain my muscle tone and strength. I am looking forward to getting even more involved with LifePharm Global in the coming months and well into the future.”
Laurene B., Australia

Mental and Emotional Boost
“Since I have taken Laminine, I have not experienced any anxiety, something that I usually have to contend with. Being 100 percent sold on the product, I started sharing the same to those near and dear to me. The positive responses just keep on flowing. Laminine has proven to be what we call ‘the miracle of life in a capsule.”
Dennis A., Philippines

Sleep and Skin Improvement
“After consuming Laminine for only two weeks, my husband and I experienced significant improvements to our health. Friends and family have also felt benefits in the area of skin, sleep, digestion, and fatigue. We plan to expand our LPGN business to as many people as possible, so they too may experience a natural approach to health.”
Dessy H., Indonesia

Mental and Emotional Boost
“Laminine changed my life both physically and financially. Since my own health has improved, we also hope to share LifePharm Global as a way for people to make a living. We intend to make Laminine a household brand name, because it truly is ‘the miracle of life in a capsule,’ not only in the Philippines but also globally. It is a crime not to share the amazing benefits of Laminine.”
Emily S., Philippines

Mental and Emotional Boost
“In general, I am a healthy person and was not looking to make significant changes to my physical well-being. Nonetheless, since I started taking Laminine, I have noticed specific benefits. For one, I haven’t caught a cold even once. For me, that means my immune system is stronger. I no longer get down and feel better overall.”
Svetlana G., U.S.A.

Energy and Physical Strength
“Before my sister introduced me to Laminine, I was fighting a relentless battle with my physical frustrations. I often had to skip appointments or commitments I had made due to my physical discomforts. Now I feel my struggles are finally over. Laminine has given me a new life, and I’m proud to share it with people in need.”
Marieliza I., Philippines

Sleep and Skin Improvement
“Laminine has improved my health and skin. As my health is enhanced, my income has increased! I will introduce Laminine to many people, so they can feel the benefits. I will also pursue further qualifications to achieve higher ranks.”
Linda, Indonesia

Stress and Strain Relief
“Laminine and Laminine OMEGA+++ are very good products. Although my family and I were not unhealthy, we feel the products fortified us. Many friends really needed the products and when I share them, we were gratified to see their health improve within only two or three months. My goal is to inform as many people as possible about the amazing health benefits of these two products.”
Tatiana G., U.S.A.

Sleep and Skin Improvement and Mental and Emotional Boost
“Ever since I joined LPGN, I have been sharing stories about Laminine with everybody I meet. Then in December, I began to take Laminine OMEGA+++. I lost 5 pounds and my fingernails became strong as iron. My focus and memory have improved, and I can remember a surprising number of things that would have escaped me before. I sleep like a baby and for me, there has been a very big improvement in my quality of life.”
Galina L., U.S.A.

Energy and Physical Strength
“Joining LifePharm Global has made me feel like a new person. When I tell people how much better I feel with Laminine and Laminine OMEGA+++, they want to try it. When they do, they have positive results of their own. I went from not sleeping and lacking confidence to being energetic and productive.”
Nina A., U.S.A.

Stress and Strain Relief
“I was both an athlete and a member of the military; but in recent years, the pain in my legs prevented me from sleeping at night. Less than a month after taking Laminine, I experienced great relief and my sleep improved substantially.”
Rashid T., U.S.A.

Energy and Physical Strength and Stress and Strain Relief
“Laminine is a product that gives hope and opportunity to everyone to achieve their goals. For me personally, Laminine has helped to increase my strength and stamina, as well as handle stress better.”
Olga S., U.S.A.

Mental and Emotional Boost
“Laminine is the most amazing product I’ve ever worked with in 27 years. No other nutritional product does so much, for so many, for so little, so fast. The key is to talk to as many people as possible, tell them your story and the stories of others who have seen results.”
Roger D., U.S.A.

Energy and Physical Strength
“Laminine gave my wife her health back, after struggling with physical issues for more than two years. We share her story, the products and then follow up with the business opportunity. We invite people to health seminars and have created AHA, which stands for Amazing Health of Action.”
Rendy I., Indonesia

Mental and Emotional Boost
“When I received such good results from Laminine, I was inspired to work the business opportunity. When sharing with others, I start by doing a product presentation and then show the compensation plan. I am happy to be able to help people not only with their health but also with their finances.”
Edison T., Philippines

Stress and Strain Relief
“I usually take 2 Laminine capsules in the morning and then 2 some time in the afternoon. I like to describe my experience as brain changing, because it not only has changed how I feel but how I think.”
Rick G., U.S.A.

Mental and Emotional Boost

“Our food supply is so bad—it doesn’t have the nutrients we need. But with Laminine, you have 22 amino acids and a great delivery system with fibroblast growth factor. It’s like a conductor in front of an orchestra that tells the amino acids where to go in the body. The key in this business is to share and bless as many as possible with Laminine.”
Adrian M., U.S.A.

Mental and Emotional Boost
“I have taken Laminine steadily for about 3 months straight and have seen significant improvements in my emotional and mental state. I used to have mood swings on a monthly basis, but that is pretty much part of the past now, and I am starting to feel life is normalizing for me. Two Laminine a day and I’m feeling great!”
Jennie H., U.S.A.

Stress and Strain Relief
“I started taking Laminine in 2011 because of severe discomfort in my left knee. Within a couple of weeks, I was no longer having knee trouble. I had an eye doctor check my vision and it had improved! She couldn’t believe it. I now play golf a couple of times a week and feel no knee discomfort. My annual physical was perfect. I am now taking three Laminine capsules a day and just celebrated my 74th birthday in April 2014. Life is good and my eWallet pays for everything!”
Steve P., U.S.A.

Energy and Physical Strength
“I had a neighbor ask me if I had something that would help with his difficulty breathing and lack of energy. I directed him to Laminine. After two weeks of retracing, he got his energy back and got off the couch, where he was spending 90 percent of his time. He now plays 18 holes of golf three times a week and works around his property and his daughter’s property all day long. He told me that he hasn’t felt this good in a long, long time. I noticed that his skin looks better, too! This man is 76 years young.”
Mark S., U.S.A.

Sleep and Skin Improvement
“For years I had problems sleeping. Since taking Laminine, I have had the best sleep in years. I also noticed better vision and more energy. As a homeopath, I now share Laminine with others.”
Vicky M., U.S.A.

Stress and Strain Relief
“I have been taking Laminine for years. I’ve noticed that when I don’t take it, I have discomfort in my left knee and I can’t go for my daily walk. I really notice the difference Laminine makes in helping me feel better without having to take any medication.”
Gloria M., U.S.A.

Mental and Emotional Boost
“In 2005, my vision worsened, and I was partially blind, unable to speak and terribly demoralized. Before this incident, I drove over 1,000 miles per week, and I loved it. From that point forward, I could no longer drive. At times, I would almost become desperate because of my inability to get around. However, since I started taking Laminine in November of 2013, my feelings of desperation have dissipated, my attitude has greatly elevated and my ability to earn an income has really helped me. My vision has improved and I’m living on my own, doing my own shopping, cooking and cleaning. I look forward to each day with hope and promise that it will be even better than the last. The staff at LifePharm Global Network is so supportive that it makes it easier for me to help others who desperately need this wonderful product. ”
Jack B., U.S.A.

Sleep and Skin Improvement
“I have been taking Laminine for a couple years now and have had incredible results with it. It’s helped with various skin irritations as well as my vision.”
Joe H., U.S.A.

Energy and Physical Strength
“After about a week of taking Laminine, I noticed I had more energy when I got up in the morning and throughout the day. I used to get so tired during the day, but I now have more clarity and focus.”
Ellen H., U.S.A.

Mental and Emotional Boost
“I am so thankful for Laminine. After taking Laminine for three days, I could think more clearly. After seven days, my sinuses cleared up and I’ve had sinus problems for years. In 14 days my eyesight improved so much that I could thread the needle on my sewing machine. In 21 days I had a lot more energy and even lost some weight. Also, my fingernails are now much stronger and healthier. I am 73 years of age and I feel that my health has really improved.”
Muriel McP., U.S.A.

Energy and Physical Strength
“When I first started taking Laminine, I recorded how I felt every single day. I couldn’t believe that I didn’t have the heavy feeling behind my eyes that I used to experience daily. I feel so refreshed and have so much energy. My dad actually thought I was glowing! My family has seen such a change in me. Some people might be skeptical but Laminine works differently on everyone so I tell everybody to give it a try.”
Melissa T., Australia

Stress and Strain Relief
“My sister took Laminine and saw a difference after just one day. She had to wear back support for over 16 years but doesn’t have to any longer. The discomfort in her joints, hands and legs has disappeared. She experienced some retracing but it was very minimal. Laminine is a remarkable supplement that I will recommend to people suffering from all sorts of ailments.”
Christina E., U.S.A.

Energy and Physical Strength
“We came across Laminine through a massage therapist and noticed an extremely positive impact on our well-being. Yes, we were skeptical at first but we did our research, tried the product, and realized our skepticism was unfounded. We will continue taking Laminine because we’re experiencing such wonderful benefits. I (Catherine) have personally experienced amazing results in my energy levels and motivations. I feel better now than I did 20 years ago. I injured my thigh and felt no improvement in four months, but three weeks into taking Laminine and I feel better! My husband’s mood has lifted, his energy has improved and he’s more motivated! He’s able to do more exercise now and has a faster recovery time. I highly recommend Laminine.”
Catherine and Ken, B., New Zealand

Sleep and Skin Improvement
“My friend Sue says, ‘my fingernails are growing! For years I had a terrible problem with my nails. I tried everything but they were still weak. Now they are growing again. I have been able to do other activities and have enough energy left to teach ballet class. This is really big. I think it’s time to reorder.’”
Joanie S., U.S.A.

Sleep and Skin Improvement
“Every day at the end of my shift at work, I always had headaches because of long hours in front of the computer and the work I did. I also had trouble sleeping. But after three days of taking Laminine, I was able to sleep soundly and haven’t felt those bad headaches.”
Hannah D., Philippines

Energy and Physical Strength
“The first time I heard about Laminine was in early 2013. At that time, my daughter had an operation and could not recover. We took vitamins, changed up her diet and made sure she was active. However, she was weak, pale and was not able to perform in school. After just the first capsules, my daughter’s appetite returned, she became more energetic and started doing well in school. In a very short period of time, she recovered completely. We’ve been working with this product for more than a year now and have not only improved our own health, but the health of many others. Thank you for this wonderful product.”
Vladimir Z., Russia

Energy and Physical Strength
“Pete was diagnosed with Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy about 27 years ago. Pete says, ‘I can do more things such as walk again; I’m not in a wheelchair now, which is an amazing feeling. With this independence, I’ve been able to travel to more places, such as Bali. In Bali, I was able to go out every day and sometimes walk a few kilometers. Since coming back from Bali with renewed invigoration and confidence, I started driving again for short trips. It just feels great to have my independence and mobility back’”
Lucie D., Australia

Sleep and Skin Improvement
“I’ve had problems with my back for over 24 years and chiropractors, yoga, acupuncture and reflexology didn’t help. I’d spend a day in the garden and my back would be wrecked for a week. It was so bad in the morning that I’d have to get down on my hands and knees just to tuck the bed sheets in. My cousin told me about Laminine and the first night after taking it, I slept like never before. I felt an amazing sense of calmness come over me. After taking Laminine for two months, I seriously could not believe the improvement in my health. I can now work in my garden without discomfort and had no pain after a recent move—I lifted heavy boxes and moved furniture! My nails are no longer brittle, my hair is stronger and my skin is smoother. Laminine is the most powerful (and natural) product I’ve ever seen, and I’m now a full time IBO with LPGN.”
Erica M., Australia

Stress and Strain Relief
“My friend introduced me to Laminine in October 2012. I had some hormone issues and didn’t taking hormone replacements. Since I started taking Laminine, my entire body has changed. I don’t get hot flashes and feel so much better mentally. It seems as though the longer you take Laminine, the better your body feels. Once, I stopped taking Laminine and could really feel a difference, so Laminine is a necessity for me today. I will continue telling others about it.”
Karen M., U.S.A.

Sleep and Skin Improvement
“This is Margaret’s story: ‘I had severe discomfort in my lower abdomen before I started taking Laminine. Now I feel better, sleep more soundly and am happier. I also started giving Laminine to my daughter and I can’t express to you the positive change and difference it’s made in both of our lives. As a mother, I know I’m giving her something natural that will improve her quality of life.’”
Michele W., Australia

Mental and Emotional Boost
“About four years ago I was in an accident where I was rear-ended. It gave me whiplash and aggravated some prior brain injuries. I began to experience disorientation and memory loss. I was constantly having to remind myself what day it was; I put things in my calendar for the wrong day; I couldn’t keep running my husband’s busy practice and even had an employee tell me I should be on disability. I made some progress working with a chiropractic neurologist but I still struggled and stress made me regress, and then a friend gave me Laminine and asked me just to take one that night. By the next morning, a headache I’d had for two weeks was gone and the longer I take the product, the more improvements I notice. My knees are much better, to the point where I can even run a little and my memory has improved! I love being functional and Laminine made it happen!”
Brenda E., U.S.A.

Stress and Strain Relief
“I have been taking Laminine for a little over two years, and the main change I’ve noticed is that my anxiety has gone away. I was uncomfortable in confined spaces and now I’m not at all anymore, thanks to Laminine.”
Mary M., U.S.A.

Energy and Physical Strength
“My father in law was 66 years old when we first gave him Laminine. After just three and a half months of taking four Laminine capsules a day, the result was fantastic. His blood pressure dropped, as did his cholesterol, and he lost weight. He had more energy and he was happier. Both my husband and I noticed he looked so much better and was full of life. My father-in-law is forever grateful. Thank you, LifePharm Global Network.”
Elizabeth D., Australia

Sleep and Skin Improvement
“I have a difficult history with my skin. Medication for asthma left me with terribly sensitive skin on my face and neck. I would start a container of moisturizer and have to change it two-thirds of the way through because it would begin to cause an allergic reaction. The skin around my eyes and mouth would break out in an itchy rash from time to time. After taking Laminine for only a short period of time, someone who did not know my years of struggle told me I looked radiant, and it got my attention.”
Wanda M., Australia

Stress and Strain Relief
“A friend of mine, Christine, was knocked over by a car, which damaged her knee and she eventually needed a total knee replacement. The surgery wasn’t fully successful and she was left with a knee she couldn’t bend and she couldn’t walk without crutches. She took medication but it only helped temporarily so she always got minimal sleep. She had been taking Laminine for about two months before she felt a difference. The knee discomfort started to dissipate and she attempted to walk without crutches. Gradually, the weak muscles strengthened and the swelling was gone. She is now walking freely without crutches and is no longer taking medications. Christine has been taking Laminine for a year now and went to go see her optometrist only to discover her vision has also improved substantially. She hadn’t been able to see anything out of her left eye from birth but was suddenly able to see the shape of the large letter “E”—a first!”
Clare H., U.S.A.

Mental and Emotional Boost
“Since using Laminine, I’ve been able to sleep better and now have more mental clarity. I had serious brain and heart difficulties and had to undergo a number of procedures, but was able to recover from them quickly because of Laminine. Laminine has changed my life.”
Shanna M., U.S.A.

Energy and Physical Strength
“I started taking Laminine in October 2012 at the recommendation of my healthcare professional. I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS), from which I have battled bouts of paralysis and blindness. After just the first couple days of taking Laminine, I felt greater strength/mobility in my limbs, better sleep, greater visual acuity, mental clarity and higher optimism and improved energy. Laminine is an important part of my daily regimen and I wouldn’t think of stopping now. I can still feel it addressing my overall health and well-being despite an extremely demanding and stressful life and job.”
Shawn C., U.S.A.

Stress and Strain Relief
“When I started taking Laminine, I immediately noticed that I started to sleep more deeply, which impacted my overall sense of well-being. I was almost in a constant state of anxiety and was unable to focus, making it difficult to deal with stressful situations. I noticed my skin improve in its texture, too. I’m a 57-year-old female, feeling better and looking better, which is a blessing to me. Hands down, it is something I cannot live without because the quality of my life is deeply impacted by Laminine.”
Barbara G., U.S.A.

Energy and Physical Strength
“After I started taking Laminine, I experienced more energy during the day due to sleeping at night. I have had insomnia for many years and Laminine has helped me sleep longer and more often.”
Barbara F., U.S.A.

Stress and Strain Relief
“I have worked in the stress-filled industry areas of Advertising, Graphic Design and Marketing for many years, where long work hours are often the norm. Whether standing all day or sitting for many hours, my workday usually concluded the same way, with swollen feet. I now get better circulation, energy, nutrient distribution, stamina and rejuvenation from our Laminine products. Laminine truly works exactly and expediently where our own bodies need it! I call Laminine and Laminine OMEGA+++ the ‘dynamic duo of supplements.’ They are the only supplements that I take, trust and tell anyone and everyone about. The Secret to Perfect Health has not only been unlocked, but it has been explained, experienced and expressed like never before! Hands down, it is the best business model and product line on the planet.”
Larry F., U.S.A.

Sleep and Skin Improvement
“I used to have trouble getting back to sleep after getting up at night. Very often, I’d have to spend two hours reading before I could sleep again. After Laminine, I noticed that my mind would settle back down and let me return to sleep right away.”
Carol M., U.S.A.

Stress and Strain Relief
“I started taking Laminine in March 2012, when I had been experiencing terrible knee discomfort and had to wear a brace. After just three days of taking four Laminine capsules a day—two in the morning and two in the evening—I took off the brace. I now use Laminine to help me with my sleep, and just ordered Laminine OMEGA+++ today and am looking forward to the benefits.”
Cyndi Y., U.S.A.

Stress and Strain Relief
“Two years ago, my 87-year-old mother suffered a fall after running around Mile Square Park in Fountain Valley, California. She broke her hip and elbow. The medical treatment was a new hip ball and screws surgically placed into her arm/elbow. She began taking Laminine at a rate of four per day and within a few months, expelled the screws right out of her skin. To her doctor’s surprise, she recovered even faster than children usually do.”
Kent H., U.S.A.

Energy and Physical Strength
“After taking Laminine for three days, I was happier than I had ever been and continue to be even seven months later. I sleep deeply and soundly and wake up refreshed. After three weeks, my face, abdominal and tricep areas began to look ‘lifted’ and much younger. I feel like I am regenerating now rather than degenerating with age. My strength, fitness and recovery have improved enormously and when I exercise I feel even better.”
Ra A., Australia

Mental and Emotional Boost
“I personally feel very lucky to have been introduced to such a phenomenal product like Laminine. The more I learn, the more I understand that everyone needs to experience this product and how it will improve their life.”
Alex S., Indonesia

Energy and Physical Strength
“I will be using the money I’ve earned from the LifePharm Global opportunity on my upcoming wedding! My goal is to become a Diamond Director in Indonesia by sharing the benefits of Laminine and the earnings opportunity. So far, Laminine has given me extra energy throughout my day, and my fiancé is now able to be in an air-conditioned room without any allergic reactions. My grandmother feels more stable and my friend’s skin has improved. The list of benefits goes on and on!”
Nusa I., U.S.A.

Energy and Physical Strength
“I’m a pharmacist and have been working in medicine for more than 25 years. I’ve been waiting for a product like Laminine for a long time, so when I received information about it, I was interested immediately. I noticed results after just one capsule. I signed up with the largest package available, and my family and I have been taking it with pleasure for more than a year. During this time, we haven’t had the flu or even a regular cold. My digestive system feels restored, and all of my business partners have also had great results. I have huge plans for my future with LifePharm Global and wish everyone success.”
Elena S., U.S.A.

Stress and Strain Relief
“Since I started to consume Laminine, I have experienced improved health. I don’t get stressed. I share Laminine with my friends and business partners, because I’m so happy now and want to share the health and opportunity for wealth.”
Ivone M., Indonesia

Sleep and Skin Improvement
“Laminine has helped my body more than any other product I’ve tried. I used to suffer from insomnia and other complaints, but now they are gone. I’ve offered Laminine to my relatives and friends, and all of them are satisfied! In addition to the financial boost I receive from sharing Laminine, I feel fulfilled in being able to help others become healthier and happier.”
Paulus S., Indonesia

Mental and Emotional Boost
“I’ve been using Laminine for several months now and I enjoy its benefits very much. I’ve noticed increased energy, a sense of well-being and strength in my everyday routine. I also noticed increased muscle tone without increasing exercise. Laminine is a great product that I will continue to use for a long time.”
Edwin T., Philippines

Energy and Physical Strength
“I had a positive experience with Laminine while undergoing treatment for some serious health challenges. I felt much more energetic than others who were going through the same experience. The business opportunity turned out to be great, and I am helping my friends and family to make money. What’s not to like about this wonderful product and opportunity?”
Liubov L., U.S.A.

Sleep and Skin Improvement
“I have worked in the wellness industry for 17 years and never found a product that worked as quickly and effectively as Laminine. The most notable difference I experienced was an improvement in mood, but I also felt less nervous tension and no longer had trouble sleeping! There is a proverb I like to share: ‘When money is lost, nothing is lost. When time is lost, a lot is lost. When health is lost, everything is lost.’ Thanks to LifePharm Global Network, those who lost their health can restore it; those who lost money can gain it back and multiply it. I tell all my friends and contacts not to waste their precious time; instead, use it to ensure that everyone living on this beautiful planet is informed about Laminine and how it can bring you health and the best years of your life!”
Larisa L., U.S.A.

Sleep and Skin Improvement
“I experienced menopause at the early age of 44. I tried Laminine after a friend recommended it to me. After taking Laminine for almost two months, I soon noticed that not only was I not waking up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat, I also was sleeping through the night, having much sounder sleep. I no longer had mood swings, I was happier and I got my libido back! Now my skin is glowing and my hairdresser was surprised at how much new hair growth I had. After taking Laminine for six months, the discomfort I had in my left elbow from a bad fall was gone. Words cannot express how happy and grateful I am. I have more energy, I’m calmer, happier and I have my life back.”
Elizabeth D., Australia

Sleep and Skin Improvement
“My main reason for being part of LifePharm Global Network is that the company has changed my life for the better. Laminine gave me more energy to work and calmed me down inside. Another important benefit is that my daughter no longer suffers from skin allergies. As a result of my own positive experiences, I always introduce people to LifePharm Global Network by showing them the products. I think the most important thing in helping people is to give them good quality and needed products. I treat informing people about Laminine and its benefits as a mission. After someone shows an interest in the product, I help them choose the best Pack for them and recommend enrolling in LPGN.”
Grazyna D., U.S.A.

Sleep and Skin Improvement
“Laminine has contributed to my life personally with renewed energy and zest for life, weight loss, increased metabolism, easing difficult hormonal issues, and a complete absence of menopausal symptoms. I’ve also seen an improvement to my skin and scalp allergies that I have had for so many years that I was resigned to have them for the rest of my life.”
Julie W., Australia

Sleep and Skin Improvement
“Laminine has given my husband and me sustained energy. We sleep better and people notice our glowing skin. I believe I’ve become a better person, as I share my knowledge of the products and help others create and manage a healthier lifestyle.”
Lucy S., Philippines

Energy and Physical Strength
“I always introduce the product and its benefits. I also tell people my personal story, whether I’m on the phone, one-on-one or by email. With Laminine, I have more energy, and I’m able to move around more freely. I have delayed a scheduled injection for my inflamed ligaments, and it’s been five weeks now and I feel a definite improvement.”
Maria C., Australia

Mental and Emotional Boost
“Laminine is changing the physical and emotional lives of people on a daily basis. The product is helping my family and friends, and I believe Laminine should be in every single home. Thanks to Laminine, I feel happy and healthy. It is helping my group to reach our different goals and dreams. I say, ‘Buy Laminine today and start the best years of your life.’”
Jolanta K., U.S.A.

Sleep and Skin Improvement
“I decided to try Laminine, and the results were simply stunning. My sleep and mood improved, my level of energy increased, and my hair began to take on a more natural color. I had taken other dietary supplements for years and never achieved any of these positive results!”
Vyara M., U.S.A.

Stress and Strain Relief
“Laminine is a no-brainer. Everyone needs to be taking this product. We have built large networks for the last 20 years and never seen anything take off the way it has with Laminine! I know it has helped us deal with stress, anxiety and emotional issues. It has also helped us create a general sense of balance in our health and well-being.”
Tanya W., Australia

Mental and Emotional Boost
“I like the products and became interested in how to get it for free. At LifePharm Global Network, we can be successful while using the products every day and telling people about the benefits of overall well being and looking good. When you are taking Laminine, you are a walking advertisement, because everyone can see how you look younger, have more energy and become more cheerful. It’s like turning back the biological clock! When friends see you transform so positively, they ask about it. That is how I already have someone to work with.”
Anna W., U.S.A.

Mental and Emotional Boost
“With LifePharm Global Network, I found a company that aligns with my belief system and passion. Laminine is such a strong and effective product that delivers quick results for the majority of people. My family and I have experienced life-changing results to our health. When people see the value in the product, their belief grows and they want to tell others.”
Brigitte H., Australia

Stress and Strain Relief
“The first and most important factor that enabled me to see what a wonderful opportunity I had found was Laminine. After only a short period of time, my partner Elizabeth and I knew we had found something very special. Both of us overcame some old health issues. Most remarkably, Elizabeth is able to manage her issues with multiple sclerosis to the point that she is going to the gym twice a week.”
Chris E., U.S.A.

Stress and Strain Relief
“Laminine has helped reduce my stress levels, and I now sleep much better. My body feels stronger overall and is more balanced than it has been for years. After 20 years, I now am able to play tennis again without the help of knee supports. In addition, my personal growth has come from increased knowledge about Laminine and its impact on health issues. It has given me tremendous joy and pleasure to see people regain their health after following and trusting my advice.”
Clare T., U.S.A.

Energy and Physical Strength
“The LifePharm Global Network products have improved my health. I have had an increase of about 20-25 percent in stamina, power and endurance during my workouts. I feel less stress and have experienced a general sense of well-being. My primary reason for being part of LifePharm Global Network is because of the company’s unique and powerful products.”
Dr. Jose T., Puerto Rico

Energy and Physical Strength
“I first started consuming Laminine in June 2012. In the first week I noticed I had more energy, and then my sleep improved! I struggled with sleep deprivation and hormone imbalances for years. But as time went on, I noticed my back problems that began 25 years ago were gone. My digestion improved and other physical problems eventually dissipated. I love this product and share it with anyone I can.”
Christine R., U.S.A.

I do believe I’ve had one foot in the grave for the last 6 months. I’ve had adrenal fatigue and no relief until I started the Laminine. I have enough stamina now to pick myself up & move around w/o pain and am able to make sentences! Look at this!
This seems impossible to believe but I feel the difference especially having added Laminine Omega+++.
I’m SO grateful to feel better. These truly are better & better days 4 me & I believe I’ll live!
Thank you so much.
– Joyce W

“Seven years ago my knees were very hurt. I thought I would never be able to walk comfortably again. When I started taking Laminine®, I felt full of energy and enthusiasm, and the severe discomfort in my knees even went away!
This is an incredible miracle.

– Martha H.

“Ever since my mother died about six months ago, I couldn’t sleep as I experienced a deep sadness. After Laminine®, I slept soundly for the first time and noticed my bouts of sadness gradually disappear. I have a great sense of well-being.
– Renee H.

“Since giving my children Laminine®, we have seen improvements in all four of our children. They have noticed their stamina was better, their performance in sports improved, they have more energy and most importantly, more focus. We’ve watched them excel not only in their sports but also with their grades. My kids love the product, and so do I!
– April M.

“I am compelled to tell you how wonderful I feel after just 3 days on the Laminine®. I honestly took this believing it would do nothing for me. I literally expected to feel nothing from this. However, to my complete surprise, I feel almost euphoric. I have been suffering with neck pain from 2 bulging discs for over one year now. In fact just this past week I was up in the middle of the night in tears from pain in my neck. My pain now while it is not completely gone is so much better that I have not thought about it all day like I usually do. I have worked out for over 1 hour yesterday and today with very little pain in my neck. This is amazing considering I have only been able to work out once a week for the past year due to pain. I have awakened these past few days feeling great with energy I have not felt for a very long time. This is really a miracle. Thank you for sharing this with me.
I believe God has used you to give people such as myself a new lease on life. God bless you and your work.”
– Jill H.

“I am a recovering addict and have struggled many years trying to maintain sobriety. I have begun the recovery process again, only this time I am taking Laminine®. Already, I have noticed a vast improvement in my mood. My energy and motivation for life’s pleasures are increasing everyday. I truly believe Laminine® is helping me progress in my endeavors to remain drug free.”
– Jill V.

“In 2008, my dad was diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s. Since he started taking Laminine® one year ago,
we feel we have our father back. Thank you Laminine®.”
– Les H.

“I am a type ll insulin dependent diabetic. Within 3 days of Laminine® my blood sugar appears to be normalized.
I also suffer from low grade depression. After 3 months, sugar and sadness are no longer issues.
I feel that Laminine® may have saved my life and I can’t live without it.”
– Steve E

“I have 15 issued patents and 12 pending patent applications, all in the field of chemistry and catalysis.
I am 50 and I have been very frustrated with my need to wear reading glasses for the last 4 years. I have taken the recommended dosage for just 4 days and I am shocked to find out I DO NOT NEED my reading glasses anymore!!
There is something in the Laminine® which goes straight to the health of your eyes. I don’t know what it is, but as scientific and data oriented as I am, I don’t care! I am just enjoying my ability to read without the stupid glasses!!!”
– J.J.

“My doctor recommended that I try these Laminine® capsules, so I started taking 2 in the am and 2 in the early evening. I just went about my day as normal and a noticed that when it was time to eat, I wasn’t hungry. The second weekend, I visited my cousin and forgot to bring them and I noticed that I wanted to eat the whole day. On Monday, I started taking them again and the cravings went away almost instantly. I also noticed that I wanted to go to bed early and woke up refreshed in the morning.”
– Kristen.

“I own 2 Snap Fitness facilities with one on its way and I have been training myself for 15 years and have been using vitamin sprays for at least 3 years. I have definitely seen a difference in the quality of the vitamins and most importantly the benefits gained since I switched over from the other stuff I was taking.
Most recently the addition of Lamimine® has been an amazing product for me it has helped me in my workouts with increased stamina increased muscle growth and I have also noticed some significant fat loss. Also, not something I was looking for but very noticeable was the increase in sex drive. I am a 29 year old with absolutely no worries about sex drive and these Laminine® capsules increased even my sex drive which was amazing! All in all I give this new product an A+ !”
– Joshua S.

“For the last couple of weeks, I started to change my whole health routine with diet and exercise and to include the Laminine® on a regular basis. I am now going off of the anti-depressants and am happy to be using a product that is organic and could produce such great results in the way I feel. My whole well being is balanced. I feel contentment and my emotional levels are all in sync. I wish I had started on the Laminine® six months ago as I believe that if I had … I would never have needed the anti-depressant medication at all.”
– Renee H.

“I am suffering from a upper back injury due to stress and overlifting. My injury has put my day to day routine into a standstill. When you gave me the Laminine capsules on the first day you treated me, I was in extreme pain and was agitated, distracted, frustrated and fidgety due to that pain. I noticed within 30-45 minutes after taking the capsules that even though I was still in pain, I could sit still, watch a movie, move around the house, stay focused on what I wanted to accomplish and did not have the feeling of aggravation and depression. It is likened to a state of “euphoria” without the feeling of being under the influence of a drug. I ran out of the Laminine® before my third visit with you and the agitation returned. I am very thankful that you suggested these capsules, as I do not take any muscle relaxers or anti-inflammatories. The Laminine capsules have made it easier to have the patience to let my body heal naturally.
I am extremely thankful.”
– Michelle

“I started taking Laminine and within four weeks I was a whole different person. My energy has blossomed, my motivation to work out has improved, and my blood pressure has dropped from 155 to 130. Most importantly, however, is the fact that I am getting to fully enjoy the days I’m spending with my loved ones.”
– Linda S.

“I have only been taking LAMININE for about a week. I’ve had this ARTHRITIS on my fingers for sometime now. I could not bend my fingers in the mornings without any pain. I can’t take any conventional medicine because of the side effects. I have been taking natural herbs, which has been helping me some. But the morning after I took first two capsules of LAMININE, I could get out of bed more pleasantly and I could use all my fingers without any pain. I thought it was nice but I did not realize what helped me. I didn’t sleep well on the 3rd night so I had to get up in the middle of the night to take LAMININE capsules. I don’t want to forget to take capsules before I go bed again! I am giving LAMININE® to my daughters and my sisters and I can wait to share with many other people. I give thanks to our God all mighty and all the people whom are working toward to help people like me.”
– Misuk

“I initially decided to try it to see if it would have any effect on my ADD. I had tried prescription medications for it in the past and wanted to try something new in an effort to get away from the side effects I had previously experienced.
Boy, was I in for a surprise. Although I did see some increase in my attention span, where I really saw the most difference was in dealing with my insomnia. Due to a recent family tragedy, I had been experiencing persistent moderate to severe insomnia. I had tried over the counter and prescription medications. Neither provided more than a few days of relief from my sleeplessness and often had side effects that were worse than being tired. I would often survive on 2-3 hours of sleep per night for many nights in a row. At times I was often cranky, short tempered, unable to concentrate and more than once became delusional.

This all changed on the evening I began taking Laminine. I immediately became able to “turn my brain off“ – something I hadn’t been able to do before no matter how hard I tried. I can’t describe the relief in being able to lay down and know that you will actually be able to sleep instead of laying in bed tossing and turning, eventually getting up exhausted and emotionally unfit to handle my day. As an added bonus I also saw a reduced intensity in food cravings and a greater ability to make proper food choices despite the fact that it was the week before I was due to start my period. Overall, I would say I had an extremely positive experience and will continue to use your product to combat my insomnia. I know this works as 3 days after I ran out of my first order of product, my insomnia started coming back. I am now, as of tonight, back on the product with my new supply.”
– Stephanie F.

“Out of all of the products I have taken over the past several years that have come and gone, Laminine is the only product that has shown viable results. I really feel that this is only the beginning for what this product will do for me. IT WORKS!”
– Steve E.

“I went to the gym today for the first time since I have been feeling better. I didn’t feel well enough to exercise because I was short of breath. Today was an AMAZING workout! I had “stamina” the word I didn’t like at first). I pushed myself hard and didn’t really exhaust myself. I WANT to exercise. I WANT to get out and move.
On the food front…foods taste different. Sugars have become too sweet and not satisfying. I crave fruits instead because the flavor of the fruit is so much more rich. All flavors are stronger. You can taste I eat smaller portions and get full faster.
I haven’t lost weight as of today. I finally feel better and am excited about getting back to the gym.
I have truly been sad that I haven’t been able to workout. Yeah for feeling better and for Laminine!”
– Connie L.

“Laminine is an amazing product that I have been taking since October, 2011. I am now back to feeling like my energetic,
active and fully engaged self again. I have not felt this good, slept this well or had this much energy in years!
Thank you Laminine.”
– Brian S.











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