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Can Your Immune System Fight Off Coronavirus?

The Immune System Explained I – Bacteria InfectionEvery second of your life, you are under attack. Billions of bacteria, viruses, and fungi are trying to make you their home, so our bodies have developed a super complex little army with guards, soldiers, intelligence, weapons factories, and communicators to protect you from…well…dying.

If you have heard of a recent news story, most likely you will have heard about the latest developments in the field of medical science. These are all about new developments in the medical world, which could help to protect us from disease and help us to live a healthy life. One such development is that of using immunotherapy in fighting off this deadly virus.

This form of medicine works by encouraging the immune system to attack and defeat the virus. The problem that scientists are faced with however is that the immune system cannot be used to combat this virus from a different way. The problem is that the body cannot tell the difference between a virus and other foreign particles. This is where immunotherapy comes in.

To understand how the immune system fights off coronavirus, you need to first know how it works. The immune system is basically made up of three parts. It consists of two major groups, which are the T cells and the B Cells. The main role of these two groups is to fight off infection by attacking and killing any virus.

The way that your immune system works is that when it detects a foreign substance, it sends out an antibody which is designed to counter the foreign object. When your body identifies that this foreign substance is not a virus, it then sends out another antibody to identify this foreign substance as a harmless substance. The antibodies in turn attack and destroy the foreign object and stop it from spreading.


When this process goes wrong though, the immune system has the ability to become confused between the harmless foreign substances and the virus. As a result, the body uses its T cells to attack the viruses and stop them from spreading. However, when your body is confused, it is not able to recognize and kill all the virus and therefore it can spread to other parts of the body instead of being killed in one place.

The scientists at the Medical Research Council Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics have developed a drug called CIMBASE (an acronym for the name of the drug) which is designed to work by boosting the immune system’s ability to identify and destroy viruses. Although it is still unknown how the drug will work on this type of virus, it is expected to be used in combination with other treatments and other forms of medication to help the body to get rid of this deadly virus once and for all.


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