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What is the Cure For Cancer? Learn This Information

Dr Rhea Magalona on cancer and Laminine supplementWhen I was younger, I did not know what the cure for cancer was. The news stories and medical research I read did not make any sense, I thought they were exaggerating the effects of radiation or chemo therapy and even thought that the whole idea was silly.

Cancer is one of the most horrible diseases to find on earth and it does have many cures for it. There are different ways to treat it depending on where it came from, however, the treatments will often include surgery and chemotherapy.

I was diagnosed with cancer when I was just fifteen years old. I had a great deal of fun during my childhood and in some ways, I felt like it was a rite of passage, but I was not really aware of what the symptoms and signs meant. My father, being the older of the two, seemed to worry me about what would happen if he got sick and he told me that I should get tested for cancer and if it were found in my blood, that would be a problem.

The next few tests were very painful, and the cancer had spread to my lungs and throat. My father died a few months after this test was taken. The doctors were baffled because the cancer had spread so quickly, yet no symptoms had ever occurred. They performed surgery, but it was only to have the cancer return a short time later. They told my father that they would have to wait till next summer to do anything.

My father was a wonderful person, a loving husband, father, brother and friend. He was very sick with cancer and he was in such bad shape that he could barely move and speak. One of the doctors that treated him said that I should be very grateful for his kindness to give me his blessing to be a mother for my sister, who was only two years old at the time. He was very touched by the gesture and thought that maybe the cancer would go away, but it did not.


There are other things in medical science today that can help us deal with this disease. The earlier that we are diagnosed the better chances that we have to survive. I am so thankful that I have learned the importance of this information so that I can live my life to the fullest.

FibroBlast Development Aspect is the one offering the (repair work) signals to our cells and organs. When it comes to Mitos who has cancer, it might be main that started from the bone #Cancer or secondary due to the fact that of the breast #Cancer. You can get cancer from the breast, lungs, prostate, thyroid or kidneys. In her case, the cancer spread from her breast to the ribs. It’s due to the fact that of an irregular cell signal. If the (harmed) cell is harmed, it’s expected to devote suicide. That cell is ineffective in the body. If it will multiply, it ends up being a growth, then cancer and infect other system. This is called metastasis.

What FibroBlast Development Aspect carries out in Laminine is to inform these harmed cells to stop increasing. From there, the expansion of the cancer cells will start to stop, at the very same time, it will diminish. Like what Dr. Arle constantly state, (Laminine) it repair work, restores, restores. Why is it in this program (Live), individuals speak about illness, however they enjoy. Well it’s due to the fact that everybody is taking Laminine. Every day, we have a great deal of testament. Laminine is a huge aid. It has no negative effects, natural. If you can consume egg, you can take Laminine.


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