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How Laminine Will Lengthen Your Telmers and Get Your Health Back


Cells are the basic functional unit in our body cells on a regular basis we have trillions and trillions embody everywhere they divide on a regular basis as they divide they mature this is actually how we age and this is how we age all the time within a cell you have this thing called the nucleus. The nucleus is actually like is everything that we’re composed up in our body is inside the nucleus all our genetic material is in here within this nucleus there actually are these things called chromosomes.

Chromosomes have all the genetic material on on them in our body and then actually what protects a cell and the chromosome is this thing called a telomere telomere czar the caps on the outside of the chromosome these caps think of them as a the ends of a shoelace the little plastic caps on the ends of a shoelace. As we age and a cell divides these things are clipped on a regular basis the older the cell the shorter the telomere gets until a certain point that that whole plastic cap is completely gone and it’s called critically short.

Telomere at that point what happens is the cell can no longer divide it’s an age old cell so what we’re gonna discuss today is a particular product called lamin I’m from life farm and this product is a capsule that you take on a regular basis individuals took capsules and then for up to 90 days they took these capsules and we specific time points we measured we measure telomerase activity now what’s the difference between telomere length and telomerase activity so one way that your body naturally combats this cutting what we discussed about in telomers on a regular basis is by having an enzyme and the enzyme is also a protein in your body your body is full of protein loaded of proteins.


One thing it actually does is this enzyme adds these sequences on top of it so as your body cuts them this enzyme actually adds them on to safeguard the cell from aging and the level of testing that life farm has actually done on this is very very impressive very few companies especially in the case of supplements or nutraceuticals will actually do this while she look at their product what is contained in the product and what the product could possibly do.


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