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Dr. Clarke Pierce Talks About Laminine & How It Effects You


Hi it’s an enjoyment to be here today with you my name is Dr. Clarke Pierce I’m a PhD and biochemistry and my background has actually remained in diabetes research study why we’re here today is to discuss the #Laminine and why is the laminate stem cells so essential what can I provide for you why is the laminate stem cell the personnel alive.

Well we wish to do is take a look at a chart here and we will not enter into the chemistry will keep this simple and we’ll move along however this is the human embryo and around the human embryo we see the placenta and obviously we see the DNA and the RNA.

Now in this specific chart here we see the fertilized chicken embryo with the DNA and the RNA and the yolk sac and we likewise see the white of the egg however what is fascinating here is that a day 9 of incubation both embryos have massive quantity of fibroblast development element well what’s fibroblast development element and why is it essential to you what can it provide for you.

What fibroblastic development element is is stem cells we discover that stem cells are the personnel alive they’re part there the factor whatever is produced there the factor that there is a development there packages of light and intelligence that are non distinguished and they’re waiting to be provided a project so we see here the various organs and tissues that are established throughout the embryos development and advancement and we see. For example that they are a month 3 the fibroblastic stem cells are producing a patta websites for the liver we see at month 9 it’s for the lungs and so on etc however the significance of it is is that these are extremely extremely essential they’re wonderful cells that are the personnel of life they produce whatever all development originates from stem cells so what can this indicate for you what can it provide for you today today.

Why is it so essential let’s have a look here at the human brain what we discover about the human brain that is very important exists are no stem cells in the adult human brain there are valuable couple of stem cells that are circulating what if you had fibroblast growth factor stimulating in your brain what if you had the laminate stem cell in your brain now the company did the research and then they added some other very important products to the #FibroblastGrowthFactor or the laminate stem cell they put in 22 amino acids along with some other nutrients what is interesting and significant about this is that they added this to all ago peptides which are very small peptide chains that can easily go across the blood-brain barrier so instantly you have circulating in your brain laminate stem cells.

Well what can that do for you why is that so important let’s talk about that a little bit the brain can use the laminate stem cells to heal it can use to reconstruct it can do almost anything it wants with these laminate stem cells because remember they’re non differentiated they’re just waiting to be given an assignment to fulfill so let’s take a look at the thyroid gland for example what can the laminate stem cell do for that this is very interesting because the thyroid gland is beginning to be a real problem.

There are many many people in America that are not producing enough thyroxine so what can this do for you well the thyroid gland sends messages to the chemo receptors in the brain telling it that it’s low in thyroid hormone so the brain then in turn can go to the fibroblast growth factor and turn it in to thyroid releasing hormone and that then in turn goes to the thyroid hormone gland and you produce more thyroxine and you produce more tetra io2 iodine so that’s t4 and t3 amazing amazing thing.


I gave this to a friend who had 20 years experience with thyroid problems and in three weeks the problem was gone three weeks the symptoms disappeared and doctors at the hospital were very interested wanted to know why that could be so I explained that to them this has far-reaching effects and let’s look at some of the other things that are interesting to those of you there’s so many maladies we suffer from let’s take a look at the immune system.

What is the immune system what are immune diseases what the immune diseases are is the body’s fighting against itself the different immunoglobulins in the body are destroying you oh it’s an example let’s take an example for like rheumatoid arthritis the immunoglobulins are tearing up the joints of the body the tissues of the joint the bone the cartilage and the synovial sheath synovial membranes.

So it’s a lot of pain and a lot of trial a lot of there’s just many many people that are faced with this some of the other immune problems that are becoming very common in America fibromyalgia chronic fatigue syndrome is a very big one this is one that’s not very well understood but however they do know it’s an immune deficiency they know that people many many people are faced with it and it’s just devastating yeah they can’t they can’t work all they do is sleep it’s it’s a phenomenal problem in America so what can this do what can the laminin stem cell do for you if you have these immuno problems lupus serum a chronic fatigue syndrome fibromyalgia scleroderma writer’s steals the list goes on in this case the brain can use the laminin stem cell as a deactivator and it can send it to the immune system and it can dampen the immunoglobulins it can decrease the immune system and slow it down so what does that do.

It slows down the symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome it slows down the symptom the fibromyalgia and the list goes on and there are many many other problems that we can look out there’s a wide range of problems that this has an incredible future for heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, thyroid osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis chronic fatigue syndrome lupus scleroderma asthma memory.

Alzheimer’s ADH Parkinson’s autism schizophrenia ms depression anxiety sleep disorders the relaxation the list goes on and on hair and skin rejuvenation libido and muscle performance and regeneration this magical cell this magical Silver Bullet that has been recently come out on the market can do many many things to address these problems that you have with your health.


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