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Doctor Andujar Explaines The Effects Of Laminine On Blood Sugar Levels

The Effects of Laminine on Normal Blood Sugar Level

Hello everyone I’m Edward and har I am the life farm research scientist and today I’m going to talk to you about the effects of #Laminine on normal blood sugar levels. We know the #Laminine has many benefits sleep and skin improvement mental and emotional boost energy and physical strength stress and strain relief now having known all these benefits.

There are many studies that we have already done #Laminine has already been proven to help normalize cortisol levels a 2012 study showed a 23% down regulation in cortisol after 12 days a 2014 study showed that omega can help to normalize cholesterol but is even more effective when taken with #Laminine.

Well we wanted to study the effects of #Laminine on our normal blood sugar levels what did we actually measure well the new golden standard for blood sugar is something called hemoglobin. It’s an important marker for blood sugar participants chosen because of blood sugar concerns now the three different levels that we looked at the normal and healthy which is 5.6 percent or below the increased risk of unhealthy blood sugar levels is between five point seven and six point four and the unhealthy blood sugar levels are six point five percent or above so how was the study conducted we had three different groups the possible group the laminin group and then those participants who already were taking blood sugar medication we added laminine to the regimen Group A was for SIBO.

The results showed that the hemoglobin a1c did not change or did rise which we would expect since they really weren’t doing anything to change the hemoglobin a1c group B the laminin group did the best overall.

All participants saw their hemoglobin a1c levels drop to a healthier range after only taking laminin for 12 weeks Group C the lamina and blood sugar medication group because they were already on blood sugar control medication they had the most unhealthy levels of hemoglobin a1c nonetheless three out of the four actually lowered their hemoglobin a1c let me talk about these statistical results we had a third-party statistician evaluate these results

Even though it was just a pilot study the results were statistically significant now in scientific papers that which is statistically significant are the results that are most respected so even though this was just a pilot study the results are very encouraging #Laminine can help to normalize blood sugar levels as we showed with both group B and Group C


We are most excited about the fact that this new study has been published in the 2002 sixteen PDR so what is the PDF this is a reference that’s used by all doctors to write prescriptions. Every time a doctor writes a prescription he looks in the PDR more than sixty thousand physicians received the PDR every year and it is considered the trusted leader in essential prescribing and labeling information for over 65 years and there are very few supplements that actually are in the PDR. So you just tell your doctor just check in the PDR laminine is in the PDR.

I’m just going to answer a few questions we received about the PDR in the study first question what is the significance of lamin I’m being published in the PDR well very few supplements make it into the PDR and just because the supplement is accepted once doesn’t necessarily mean it will be accepted again.

The health practitioners who use the PDR want to see that the product is safe and effective laminine has no drug interactions and no side effects plus we have clinical studies on our product as you just saw next question if I have high blood sugar can I take #Laminine to help me this is a very important question but remember that while we had good results this is still only a pilot study if you have high blood sugar #Laminine could help but please talk to your doctor.

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