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What Laminine Is and Effects on Health

ENG-Custom-LaminineOMEGABrochure_img_5eggs – specifically 9-day-old fertilized eggs, contain all of the nutrients needed to start a new life. This consists of vitamins, minerals and proteins, as well as essential defense variables, growth factors, hormones and other biologically active components. While not much was recognized concerning the growth factor at the time, the high level of oligopeptides (tiny peptides) gave credence to study we had completed on the necessity of rapid transport across the digestive membrane in an effort to derive useful advantages from amino acids.

We felt this could be the most beneficial “base” ingredient for our formulation. Laminine™’s parent business, LifePharm, Looked into what was becoming performed with this important ingredient that had so many benefits. They contacted the team of scientists in Norway working with it and now have exclusive rights for distribution and have it manufactured exclusively for us at Laminine™.

A patented procedure extracts the important nutritional fluid from the white of an egg at the protoembryonic stage, so we known as it ProtoEmbryonic Stage Extract (PESE). The extract not simply provided a mechanism of rapid transport of pretty crucial nutrients, but also contained Simple Fibroblast Growth Factor, which is most most likely responsible for the amino acids and peptides to be utilized inside the suitable manner, by “directing” their right use by the body. The growth factor is also responsible for nurturing the body’s own stem cells each differentiated, and undifferentiated. Common amino acid formulations don’t include this growth factor, and may possibly not be utilized by the brain within the most effective manner.


Our team of scientists lead by Dr. Alex Martin, a leading physician in the study of nutritional supplements, at the LifePharm institute of technology went to function to develop the best supplement. Working with PESE as a base ingredient, we looked in the symptoms brought on most by our diets and environment after which looked to “super charge” the PESE for contemporary day use. Skin and hair well being, moods (depression), memory loss, fatigue and cardiovascular well being are most affected by today’s life style. These individual symptoms and how Laminine™ addresses them are covered later in this booklet.


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Having a perfectly balanced, natural, transport mechanism, with a strong “director” with PESE we knew that we were assured that the added amino acids will not only come across their method to the best locations of the body, but might be guided effectively to carry out their function efficiently. We then added the amino acids most critical for the health of one’s skin, hair, memory function, cardiovascular health and restoration of power, from natural plant protein and marine protein. These ingredients from land, sea, and sky combine to form the effective symbiotic relationship of our base ingredient in Laminine™ we call OPT9.

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