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LAMININE & Post Menopausal Libido

LAMININE My post menopausal libido Experience YouTube

Hi my name is Captain Taylor and typically I am producing these videos to produce some type of fidelity that I provided to the world which is a combination of the inner child work with the innovative EFT sequences and I called that interactive tapping. So most of my videos you will see on youtube relate to that subject.

But today I am speaking with you about something completely different and I’m a little bit out of my comfort zone because I usually do not come on and talk about my experience with a product, but this #LAMININE I am so excited about it and I almost feel epically obligated to bring forth as much information and to educate as many people about it as possible so here’s my experience with it.

I started taking it about five months ago now what #LAMININE is, is a compound of three different protein sources. Marine, vegetable and egg and the combination of those creates this product that works with your brain to enhance the communication between the brain and and producing the stem cells kind of queueing the brain, communicating with the brain to cue the certain stem cells that your particular body needs in its own repair.

So one of the things I really like about this product is that everybody’s body responds differently and that’s going to be evident in the story that I’m going to tell.


I started taking it about the time that I was visiting my gynecologist in Minneapolis and I had gone there to see about raising land libido. Now i am postmenopausal and so like many women out there I have experienced that kind of decline in my sexual appetite and it just is very subtle. But it became very pronounced to me because I recently got remarried and so all of a sudden that was put up on the front burner again and so it was an issue that I was wanting to deal with in a new way. I had been told that I could go to this kind of gynacologist and that she was very good at identifying what your hormonal levels were and prescribing bio-identical hormones.

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