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With Lifepharm® Global, the sky is the limit. Offering you 10 different ways to earn income.

Earn from retail sales, our Break Even Bonus (helps cover your monthly product purchase!), our Matrix 2 x 12 Matrix Bonus, Matching Matrix Bonus, Coded Bonuses, Matching Coded Bonus, Leadership Bonus, Global Bonus Pool, Fast Start Bonus, and our Cash And Rewards Bonus!

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  • Each new IBO receives LPGN products, a website, and a Back Office for their business.

  • FAST START BONUS – Earn a Fast Start Bonus for each person you enroll. LPGN pays you a percentage of the personal CV on each new IBO sponsored. 15% of CV

  • BREAK EVEN BONUS – Each month LPGN will pay you $2 – $4 on the autoship volume of each IBO you enrolled. This is limited up to the monthly amount of your own Auto-Delivery.




The Coded Bonus pays “Infinity Wide” beginning from the 3rd IBO you personally enroll and each one you personally enroll thereafter. The Coded Bonus percentage is based on your Rank:
Builder – 2% Leader – 6% Premier – 10%
The Coded Bonus also pays Infinity Deep. Beginning with your 3rd personally enrolled IBO, and their first 2 personally enrolled and their “First Two” and their “First Two” and their “First Two” and so on Infinity Deep. Please see the next 2 pages for diagram explanation.

You will be paid a Coded Match Bonus from a percentage of the Coded Bonus earnings when those coded to you qualify for the Coded Bonus. You will be able to earn from your compressed first 5 qualified Coded Generation Teams.*

*Any IBO coded to you who opens their coded bonus earnings, by personally sponsoring a third enrollee under them, is your 1st generation coded match. You can earn a Coded Match Bonus through 5 coded generations with unlimited width and depth in your Generational Tree!

For IBOs at Builder rank and above, reach 20,000 CV in Team Generational Volume in a given month and earn an extra 2% from your team’s total volume. Premier rank receives 5% monthly.

You earn a 5% bonus of your total Generational Leg Volume up until any individual generational leg reaches a monthly total of 20,000 CV or more.

Once any of your generational legs hits 20,000 CV or more, that generational leg breaks away and you become eligible for either the Leadership Match Bonus or share(s) in the Global Pool. Please see details of the Leadership Match Bonus and the Global Pool Bonus for more information.

The Leadership Match Bonus, on top of the current Leadership Bonus, is available only to IBOs who are not in the Global Pool (See Global Pool Bonus for more details).

When your 1st generational leg breaks away at 20,000 CV, you will receive a 100% match on the Leadership Bonus earned from your second highest generational leg volume.

The Leadership Bonus and Leadership Match Bonus combined will not exceed $1000 on your second highest generational leg. Once you have your 2nd highest generational leg break away at 20,000 CV, you will transition over to earning shares in the Global Pool Bonus.

Once you have 2 generational legs that reach over 20,000 CV or more, you will receive 2 shares in the Global Pool.* With each subsequent generational leg that reaches 20,000 CV or more you will receive an additional share in the Global Pool. There is no limit on shares that may be earned in the Global Pool.


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*Total Payout for the Global Pool Bonus and the Leadership Match Bonus will be 3% of Worldwide Sales CV. The Global Pool is a floating percentage. Once the Leadership Match Bonus has been paid out, the remainder of the 3% of Worldwide Sales CV will be allocated to the Global Pool Bonus.


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