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What Actually Happens If You Get Coronavirus?

What Actually Happens If You Get Coronavirus?

As the coronavirus from Wuhan China continues to spread across the globe many more are becoming infected and some even dying as of making this video 132 people have died worldwide with over six thousand infected in China alone but what actually happens to your body if you contract the corona virus now before we get into it we want to make clear that this video is in no way intended to spread fear or over sensationalize the severity of the corona virus.

We won’t be commenting on its global threat level because that information is constantly changing while experts monitor its spread but what we will be looking at is how the corona virus actually infects the body what it does inside of you and then how it causes symptoms spreads how your body actually then fights it off or it causes death in some Corona viridi are actually an entire family of viruses that cause disease in mammals and birds SARS for example was also a corona virus now viruses are interesting and that they are sometimes considered both living and nonliving things they aren’t made of cells but they do have the ability to replicate just in a different way than other organisms oh and they’re actually much much smaller than cells now to contract the corona virus you first have to come in contact with it either through an infected person’s respiratory secretions so a cough or a sneeze through physical contact with them or by physically touching a surface that the virus is on and then touching somewhere like your nose or your mouth before washing your hands once the virus is able to enter your body.


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