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Being Laminized Will Change Your life and Return You Better Health and Mental Clarity

Hello Babe Mycosky, registered nurse… today I want to talk to you about amazing product called Laminine I was exposed to about three weeks ago and I was absolutely was skeptical about this product because what they were saying what it does and the results that people are getting.

When I heard that this product that comes from a fertilized egg that has been incubated at after nine DS and that they pull off the fgf who stands for fibroblast growth factor and they make this into a capsule and that this stimulates stem cells to repair the organs in the body.

Let’s face it I said it’s crazy I can’t believe that but I said look at I’ll try it so I had my friend sent it to me, well let me tell you what’s happened after just four days on this product this amazing product.

I have severe peripheral neuropathy and my foot is like not even a foot it’s like a piece of wood I have no feelings in it I have I not pain they’re not cold no feelings just like a piece of wood.

I can’t even couldn’t even wiggle my toes or bend them at all no matter how hard I tried okay I’m also diabetic and my blood Sugar’s on insulin two types regular fast-acting and long-term insulin.

Watch the Video if You Don’t Like to Read:

My blood Sugar’s every morning we’re running between 150 to 15 and 230. After 40 is my blood Sugar’s have been dropped down to every morning between 139 and 168 which is great.


The most amazing thing that I want to tell you is that my I started to get feeling in my foot and what I mean by feeling is you know what it’s like when your foot goes asleep okay and it’s an annoying feeling from OCU but for me it’s wonderful and that’s what’s been going on.

On top of that almost like warm hot flashes to my foot if you can comprehend that and I can wiggle my toes and I can just about bend over fourth now the other thing is it’s very difficult when my when I had my when I had no feeling on my foot at all for me to walk and to try to negotiate walking down he in car, like my driveway which is a lot of 45-degree 30-foot incline was impossible. I’d have to get out of my car and my truck would be parked below I’d have to grab a hold the car and edge down to the bottom of the driveway to get into my house for the last two days

I’ve been able to walk completely free from holding on to anything and even carrying stuff so I gotta tell you this is unbelievable and the only thing I can attribute it to is restoration like this product is close to you so it’s a great product to share with people.

They call it the happy pill because it brings your spirits up makes you happy do I look happy I’m happy I’m excited I want to share this with the world. It’s like could you imagine if you open up your newspaper and it said stem cell research put on hold amazing new product taken orally does restore stem cells and helps to restore organs to their original state.

For somebody who is a customer it’s only 45 dollars and if you want to become a member and get the product yourself you can get it for as little as four three bottles as little as thirty three dollars a bottle. Just Click the button above to sign up and get it the Wholesale Price.


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Updated: February 19, 2019 — 2:15 am

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